Information Technology


information technology services in support of Taylor University’s academic, student services, community building, employee services, advancement, and financial management objectives; and to help steward the university’s hardware, software, and infrastructure resources.

We are each grounded by core values that help inform our desire to serve the Taylor community and to help make find ways for technology to make the work and studies of that community more effective.

  1. We believe that our conduct, attitude, and relationships should be Christ-centered.
  2. We believe that we should be engaged with and not isolated from the Taylor community and the world at large.
  3. We endorse and support the university’s mission to develop new generations of disciples, stewards, and servant-leaders.
  4. We are committed to an approach to technology which is holistic, looking at the technology in all its aspects, its implications, and its context for use.
  5. We are committed to an approach to technology that be person-oriented, that does not prioritize hardware and software over the people who use it.
  6. We are committed to an approach to technology which is service-driven, which means both responding to and anticipating client needs, working to keep information resources efficient and secure, and pursuing innovation and the development of new technological strategies.

Our organizational structure reflects an internal answer to implementing those values and pursuing our vision. Some of our staff are focused on providing support services to students, faculty, staff, and guests. Others dedicate their efforts to the technological infrastructure of the University or to the software and data systems on which our institution depends. Whatever team we’re on, though, at the end of the day, we are all here to help you with the technology you need to work, teach, and learn at Taylor University.