Frequently Asked Questions

Can a student from any major participate in the Honors Guild?

The Honors Guild is open to students of all majors.

Do I need certain grades to qualify for the Honors Guild?

Academic standing doesn't have the final say on whether or not someone qualifies for Honors. Students with a high school GPA of at least 3.7 and a minimum 1280 SAT or 28 ACT are specifically invited to apply, but any student who is thoughtful and intellectually curious is encouraged to apply.

Can Guild requirements fulfill general education requirements?

Yes, 15 of the 18 credits required for the Honors Guild simultaneously fulfill Foundational Core (a.k.a. general education) requirements. The other three credits are fulfilled through colloquiums, which are designed to fit easily into any schedule.

What's a colloquium?

Honors colloquiums are discussion-based examinations of a particular theme. Colloquiums involve attending a variety of campus lectures and events that many Taylor students attend voluntarily. Students may also take the Honors leadership class, Global Paradigms in Leadership, in place of one of the colloquium credits.

Are Honors classes harder, smaller, or otherwise different from other classes?

It depends on the class. The goal is not to add work on top of the normal class load, but to engage the student in the material at a different level. Honors classes are smaller, which allows for a deeper engagement of critical thinking and discussion.

Are there opportunities to study abroad as a member of the Honors Guild?

We have developed study abroad courses specifically for Guild members. Freshmen are given travel scholarships to participate as a group in a J-term trip abroad. All expenses are covered, except for the normal J-term fee. Students take a course during the month, while traveling to exciting places and meeting people in other parts of the world. Locations of past trips include Northern Ireland, Jordan, Israel, and South Africa.

What other opportunities are special to Taylor's Honors Guild?

The Honors Guild has a variety of gatherings and events, including cookouts, film viewings, an Honors retreat, and trips to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. The Honors Lodge is available three nights a week for students to do homework, bake, relax, and spend time together. The Honors Guild also hosts 3-4 visiting scholars each year. Honors students have additional access to these scholars through special sessions in the Honors Lodge.

Does it cost more to be an Honors Scholar? Are there extra scholarships for Honors Scholars?

Participation in the Honors Guild does not cost extra, and Honors subsidizes the cost of major events. There are no additional scholarships, except for the study abroad opportunity described above.