Biblical Studies


Biblical Literature, BA & BS
Designed to teach not only biblical content, but also how to study the Bible in depth, the biblical literature major culminates with a paper and presentation in which you will explain what a given passage of Scripture means. The biblical literature degree provides a solid foundation for a major, as well as for a double major. Learn more.


Applied Missions
Our applied missions minor allows students to achieve a minor in missions through one semester overseas. We currently work with An Tobar Nua in Galway Ireland, a ministry outreach to Irish teens. You will do a practicum in the An Tobar Nua coffee shop and study Irish culture and history as well as courses in missions.

Biblical Languages
A minor in biblical languages provides an opportunity for you to study either Greek or Hebrew. The program culminates with a final course focusing on the use of the Old Testament (Hebrew) in the New Testament (Greek). Either Greek or Hebrew may be used to meet the foreign language requirements for a BA degree.

Biblical Literature
Our biblical literature minor provides a more intensive study of the Bible with a balance between Old Testament and New Testament. It is especially relevant if you want more study of the Bible but do not have room for a second major.

Intercultural Studies / Missions
Our more traditional intercultural studies/missions minor does most of its study on campus through a series of courses throughout the student’s time at Taylor. It requires cross-cultural experience in addition to the classroom study.