Communication Studies
Develop your communication skills and your understanding of communication theory by majoring in communication studies. Learn more.

Journalism/Media Writing
If you write for your school paper, enjoy designing layouts or taking pictures, and love telling stories through the web, newspapers, magazines, or other media outlets, Taylor's journalism/media writing degree is for you. Learn more.

Professional Writing
Taylor's professional writing major trains students to write for a variety of media: newspapers, magazines, movies, stage plays, online publications, books, etc. Students in the professional writing program have access to editors and published writersLearn more.

Public Relations
Taylor's public relations major trains students to deliver strategic communication campaigns professionally in corporate, agency, nonprofit or ministry settings in a truthful and responsible way. You will use digital media tools and gain experience with real clients, helping them enhance their reputation, educate their audiences, and promote their organization in their community. Learn more.


Communication Studies
Pair a communication studies minor with any major to strengthen communication skills in both writing and speech.

Corporate Communication
Develop communication skills for professional and business settings with a corporate communication minor. This minor pairs especially well with business, management, and marketing majors.

Interpersonal and Public Communication
Advance your skills in communicating across personal and cultural boundaries with an interpersonal and public communication minor. This minor pairs well with international studies, social work, and public health majors.

Professional Writing
Gain a foundational knowledge of the publishing world while sharpening your writing skills with a professional writing minor. Learn the business side of writing and how to navigate the world of agents and editors. This minor pairs well with creative writing, journalism, political science, and history majors.

Public Relations
Develop skills in communication within the context of representing a group or organization. Learn the basics of playing a PR role at a company with hands-on, project-based classes.