English Education


If you enjoy reading and writing, analyzing literary works, and sharing what you've learned, consider an English Education major. Our program prepares you to teach English at the middle and high school levels.

In this program, you will ...

  • study classical and contemporary works of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama
  • hone your creative and analytical writing skills
  • sharpen your understanding of grammar and composition
  • learn how to make literature accessible and interesting to middle and high school students

Required English courses cover ...

  • American, Shakespearean, and world literature spanning centuries
  • different approaches to literary criticism
  • poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction writing

Along with studying educational psychology, you will take education courses that provide practical training in ...

  • discipline, classroom management, and teaching methods for middle and high school classrooms
  • forms of assessment
  • approaches to teaching English

Every English education student completes a full semester of full-time teaching their senior year. The semester is split between two placements in different schools, domestically or abroad, in different grade levels.

The English education major leads to a Bachelor of Science degree.