If you are captivated by stories, enjoy writing your own prose and poetry, or like to analyze literary works for their cultural and symbolic significance, consider the English major. As an English student, you will dive into literary work from around the world and hone your own writing skills.

In this program, you will study ...

  • classical and contemporary works of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama
  • different approaches to literary criticism
  • the craft and conventions of both academic and imaginative writing

English students have a wealth of opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the literary world ...

  • participate in the production of Parnassus, our student-run literary journal, and Relief, the national journal of art and faith hosted here at Taylor
  • host, facilitate, and present papers at Making Literature, our biannual undergraduate conference
  • travel abroad with the annual Literary London course

Every English major chooses one of two concentrations:


Literature students explore a broad range of classical and contemporary literature from around the world. They explore and participate in the scholarly conversations surrounding this literature and the various cultural and philosophical considerations inherent to those conversations.

Literature students study ...

  • the cultures surrounding written work
  • how different authors influenced their surrounding society
  • how authors were influenced by their time and place

Senior literature students work one-on-one for a semester with an English professor toward the creation of an in-depth research project on a literary topic of their choice.

Creative Writing

Creative writing students develop and refine their written voices with the goal of articulating their unique imaginative perspectives and exploring what it means to be human. Understanding both the art form and the cultural impact of writing develops the artistic and philosophical context for creative writing students' work.

Types of writing
Creative nonfiction

Each creative writing student works one-on-one for a semester with an English professor toward the creation of a senior project (a collection of short stories, creative nonfiction, or poetry).

Both concentrations allow students to take classes in the other area.

English degree options

The Bachelor of Arts in English requires a foreign language.
Bachelor of Arts curriculum guides: literature concentrationcreative writing concentration

The Bachelor of Science in English and Systems pairs the major requirements with Taylor's systems curriculum.
Bachelor of Science curriculum guides: literature concentrationcreative writing concentration