Film & Media Production


Here’s just a sampling of the courses you can take as a Film & Media Production major. Play the videos to hear from recent students who took the class!

Directing & Cinematography

Learn the most advanced equipment, when to use which tools depending on the story and how to interact with actors. You’ll never be able to watch a film the same way again after this class.



Narrative Filmmaking

Bring to life your final film project in the major with a team of talented classmates. Conceptualize, write, storyboard, cast, light, direct, shoot, edit, sweeten audio and color grade a festival-ready film.



Multi-camera Live Production

Learn the process and techniques of making live television programming in a state of the art studio setting. You’re the director and your classmates are your crew. You can’t go back and fix it; it’s all live!



Documentary Filmmaking

Create a festival-ready documentary with a small team of producer / director, cinematographer and editor. You’ll follow a true story from pre-production to post and get to know your subjects intimately.



Producing for Clients

Join a team as producer, director or editor, and you’ll spend the semester working with a professional organization. Develop a project for promotional or marketing purposes like this award-winning promo.




Learn writing styles and formats for fiction and nonfiction scripting. You’ll develop scripts for clients, documentary, short film and television series as well as hone your creativity and accuracy as a writer.




Learn the safe and professional use of the Steadicam, the film industry’s top camera stabilization device. See a class exercise here.





Get on the job training with a professional organization and a mentor. Your internship will add to your resume, develop skills and provide a professional reference for your job hunt.



Senior Capstone

Take the final class in the major, designed to launch you into the working world. Prepare the resume and cover letters and extend your network of contacts. Check out sample pages from a few senior web portfolios.