History, Global & Political Studies


Gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in by majoring in history. Our history major focuses on American and World History, with potential for students to focus their studies on religious, regional, or political history. Learn more.

International Studies
Expand your knowledge of the world at large with an international studies major. Students of international studies are encouraged to explore art, economics, communication, and politics while concentrating on a particular area. Learn more.

Political Science, Philosophy & Economics
When the government of a world power lifts trade restrictions, how does that impact life across the globe? How do philosophical ideas impact approaches to government and business? As a PPE major, you'll consider questions like these while gaining an interdisciplinary education designed for you to make connections and develop understanding. Learn more.

Social Studies Education
Prepare for a teaching career at the middle or high school level by majoring in social studies education. Required courses cover topics including American and world history, politics, geography, and professional education. Learn more.


Gain a foundational understanding of the earth's geography by picking up this minor. Ideal for history, political science, or environmental science majors, this minor dives into a significant area we often neglect.

Minor in history to enrich your understanding of the world and its past. A history minor pairs especially well with economics, journalism, and psychology majors.

International Relations
Designed for students interested in the political, economic, and ideological relationships between nations, this minor offers courses covering a spectrum from broad overviews of historical thought on liberty and equality to the more specific political history of the Middle East.

International Studies
Minor in international studies to gain a broader perspective of the complexities of humanity and culture around the globe.

Political Science
Complementary to a major in history, economics, business, English, sociology or psychology, a minor in political science gives students the chance to take classes in legal studies, domestic politics and policy, and comparative and international relations.

Legal Studies
Students interested in law can add the legal studies minor to any major. Courses range from Business Law to Civil Rights and Liberties to Institutional Powers and American Constitution Development.