If you’re fascinated by the past and how it impacts the present, consider majoring in history. Our program enables you to follow your curiosity, while challenging your assumptions of how the world works and sharpening your ability to make connections and think critically. 

As a history major at Taylor, you will . . .

  • learn to pose questions, identify sources, and examine accounts to develop an informed understanding of the past
  • consider the connections between geography, culture, politics, economics, religion, and historical events
  • gain hands-on experience in a practicum involving original research and analysis

Every history major takes a variety of courses in American and world history. Topics include: 

American history:

  • Colonial America
  • Constitutional Law
  • Religious history
  • The modern civil rights movement
  • African-American history
  • Women in American history

World history:

  • History and geography of . . .
    • Latin America
    • East Asia
    • Africa
    • South Asia
  • Ancient History
  • Modern Middle East
  • Reformation and Enlightenment
  • Modern Europe (1789-present)
  • Russian Civilization
  • The World since 1945

In every course, you will consider the underpinnings of societies, whether they be religious, political, philosophical, or cultural.

The Bachelor of Arts option requires a foreign language. The Bachelor of Science option adds the Systems curriculum to existing history major requirements.

Potential careers include jobs in public history, museums, living history centers, and archival collections.