Music Composition


If listening to music stirs you to create your own, if you enjoy experimenting with different instruments and textures of sound, consider the music composition major. Along with providing a solid background in music theory, our program familiarizes you with brass, woodwind, percussion, and string instruments, and puts theory into action through hands-on theory and composition labs.

In this program, you will . . . 

  • study historic composers and a variety of genres and musical styles
  • consider the role of music in different cultures around the globe
  • gain skills using modern music technology for composition
  • develop your individual composition style

Music theory training involves:

  • Basic structural elements of tonal theory and harmony
  • Principles of part writing
  • Melodic phrase analysis
  • Diatonic harmonic progression

You'll learn the building blocks of musical composition, the general "rules" of composing and, through every composition class, develop original pieces.

You'll also . . . 

  • analyze the structures and designs of historic pieces
  • learn how to arrange choral and instrumental works
  • practice conducting
  • gain extensive performance experience through ensemble participation

Every music composition student presents a senior recital where his or her original compositions are performed by the composer and other Taylor musicians.

See the curriculum guide for the Bachelor of Music in Music Composition.

*NOTE: Schedule a campus visit with your audition. Indicate your interest in an audition in the Visit comments.