Music Performance


If you enjoy singing or playing an instrument for others, if you're passionate about musical excellence, consider the music performance major.

In our Bachelor of Music program, you will . . .

  • study and apply music theory and harmony
  • refine performance techniques and theory to develop new skills and sharpen existing musical gifts
  • examine and analyze major compositions and their historical contexts
  • delve into composition and conducting

Our program stretches the limits of your abilities and provides active experience through . . .

  • Vocal and instrumental ensembles
  • Music technology in our fully equipped labs, which you will learn and use in required classes

All music performance students choose a primary and secondary instrument to focus on over their four years.

Choose from three concentrations:

Instrumental: Focus on the instrument of your choice.

In this concentration, you will take . . .

  • One additional composition seminar
  • Introduction to electronic music
  • Instrumental arranging
  • Instrumental pedagogy and literature
  • At least one instrumental methods course
  • Additional music electives of your choice (4 credits minimum)

Piano: Focus on piano performance with additional studies in theory and history, a second composition seminar, and a course on electronic music.

You will also study . . .

  • Piano pedagogy
  • Piano music literature

Piano students are encouraged to take choral and instrumental arranging courses.

Vocal: Learn how to best express your voice through song.

Courses include: 

  • Vocal pedagogy
  • Vocal literature
  • Diction in Italian, French, German, and English languages
  • Two foreign language proficiency courses (8 credits)

Every music performance student closes their four years of study with a culminating senior recital.

*NOTE: Schedule a campus visit with your audition. Indicate your interest in an audition in the Visit comments.