If you're interested in exploring different worldviews and life's most pressing issues, consider the philosophy major. This program offers a robust foundation in the history of philosophy, while also tackling contemporary philosophical issues.

In this program, you will ...

  • study philosophical ideas from the ancient pre-Socratic Greeks to current movements in both analytic and continental philosophy
  • learn to thoroughly integrate philosophical inquiry with a Christian faith perspective
  • develop critical thinking, problem solving, and writing skills
  • deepen your understanding of significant ethical issues and how to work through them

Philosophy students choose from a variety of elective courses covering the following areas:

  • Ethics: theoretical foundations of ethics, the distinction between objectivist and relativistic views, how to develop and communicate Christian ethical positions in a pluralistic world
  • Religion: Western and Eastern religions, including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Shinto, and Chinese religions
  • Metaphysics: the nature of existence, identity, essences, causality, freedom, space and time
  • Epistemology: the nature and limits of human knowledge
  • Philosophy of mind: theories of consciousness, perception, and intelligence
  • Aesthetics: theories of art, the artistic process, and standards for good art

Ethics Bowl enables Taylor students to put their philosophical studies into action through intercollegiate debate competitions. Our team has reached nationals every year since 2010, winning it all in 2015. Contact Professor of Philosophy Dr. Jim Spiegel for more information.

Degree options

The Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy requires a foreign language. (This requirement can be fulfilled with New Testament Greek or Old Testament Hebrew.)

The Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and Systems adds the Systems Curriculum to the Philosophy major requirements. (No foreign language is required.)