Biology Science Education


Have you ever thought of mentoring today’s youth through your love of God’s creation? If you enjoy learning about living things and sharing what you've learned with others, consider a biology science education major. This major is designed to prepare you as both a biologist and a middle or high school teacher.

In this program, you will . . .

  • gain a deep understanding of biology through a variety of classes covering:
    • cell and molecular biology
    • anatomy and physiology
    • genetics and developmental biology
    • organisms and ecology
  • experience research-oriented labs
  • learn to explain difficult scientific concepts to students who aren't science-minded
  • address the moral and ethical interactions between science and society

Education courses provide a working knowledge of:

  • how to communicate scientific concepts to students based on their grade levels and learning development
  • how to structure lessons to engage the students
  • discipline and classroom management in middle and high school settings
  • educational methods associated with the sciences and their laboratories
  • forms and approaches of assessment

Every biology science education student spends a full semester of their senior year teaching domestically or abroad. The semester is split between two placements in different schools and teaching different grade levels.

See the curriculum guide.