Chemistry & Biochemistry

Why study chemistry or biochemistry at Taylor?

Dr. Dan Hammond, head of the chemistry/biochemistry department, answers frequently asked questions below.

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Why should I study chemistry or biochemistry at Taylor?

There are many reasons for studying at Taylor:

  1. Taylor has a reputation for excellence in teaching. U.S. News and World Report has ranked Taylor in the top three Midwest regional colleges for over two decades.
  2. We are dedicated to preparing you not just for your four years at Taylor, but also for the 40+ years following graduation. You will be prepared to be a disciple wherever God calls you.
  3. We integrate Christian discipleship into preparation for your future as a chemist and biochemist. This is evident in the opportunities you have to grow in your field through use of our equipment and our collaborative space in the Euler Science Center. It’s also evident in the purposeful intent our faculty has in getting to know you. One of our professors, Dr. Tricia Stan, also created a “Women in Chemistry” group, a campus support for women who are studying a male-dominated discipline.

If you study chemistry and biochemistry at Taylor, you will graduate with knowledge to pursue a wide range of fields and graduate schools.

What opportunities do I have for professional development outside of class?

Opportunities for professional development include:

  • Research opportunities are available in biochemistry, organic chemistry, synthetic chemistry and analytical chemistry. All students will work on original group research projects during organic chemistry, introducing them to skills and methods of research.
  • A summer research program is available for selected students to work one-on-one with professors in advanced chemical fields. If selected, you’ll receive a stipend and present papers at professional meetings.
  • Students have the opportunity to gain valuable experience serving as a teaching assistant or research assistant.

Are there opportunities to study abroad as a chemistry or biochemistry student?

At Taylor, our course load doesn’t interfere with available travel opportunities for chemistry/biochemistry students. Opportunities include:

  • Cuenca, Ecuador, chemistry/pre-medicine program: Travel to Cuenca, Ecuador, for a semester of work with the Global Health Outreach Program of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations. Complete human medical physiology and 3 credit hours of internship at the Universidad de Azuay School of Medicine and the Fundacion del Ecuador medical clinic. You’ll assist in operating rooms, complete clinical labs, and visit medical schools and doctors. We encourage you to get immersed in the culture, become conversant in Spanish, and participate in public health outreach in jungle villages.
  • January term trips with Lighthouse: Since 1972, Taylor's Lighthouse program has enabled students to gain unforgettable, life-changing experiences during J-term by studying and serving cross-culturally around the world. Recent Lighthouse destinations include: Nepal, Paraguay, Ethiopia, Peru, and Southeast Asia.

Why should I choose Chemistry pre-med?

Chemistry is known as a central science. Many students feel more prepared for medical school and perform better on their MCAT with a chemistry pre-med major. Students with more analytical minds will find that chemistry better aligns with their passion and skills.