Computer Science /
Digital Media


Combine technical programming knowledge with the aesthetic skills of visual and audio design. As a Computer Science/Digital Media major, you will gain practical knowledge of the core of computer science while developing your skills in audio, video, and graphic design.

In this program, you will...

  • learn the basics of visual communication and practice multi-media production
  • build interactive web pages and develop multi-tier web applications
  • study, develop, and implement computer algorithms to solve increasingly complex problems

An interdisciplinary major that requires courses in the Art, Film and Media Department (as well as Computer Science), Computer Science/Digital Media suits creative students with technical and artistic interests.

Art, Film and Media courses introduce students to...

  • principles of visual communication
  • Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Photography principles involving composition, style, color, and light
  • Audio and video production

Students learn how to develop high-quality media from inception to production. They also gain the skills to effectively implement media on web sites and within computer applications.

Every Computer Science/Digital Media student must complete a 320-hour practicum and a senior project designed to demonstrate their technical and media production skills.

Students choose one of two degree options:

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science/Digital Media requires a foreign language.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science/Digital Media and Systems adds Systems requirements to the existing Bachelor of Arts degree requirements (no foreign language required). The Systems program teaches the analysis, design, management, and optimization of complex enterprise processes and systems. Participants gain experience in planning and executing significant team projects.