Health Science

Nursing 3+1 Program

A Health Science Major

One path to prepare for the National Council Licensure examination (NCLEX) and a nursing career is through a dual-degree program between Taylor and Indiana Wesleyan University. As you approach your sophomore spring semester, you can apply to the Nursing 3+1 Program. Due to a unique partnership between Taylor and IWU, students who are accepted into this competitive program will spend their senior year studying Nursing on the Indiana Wesleyan campus. With three years at Taylor and 14 months at IWU, you will earn two Bachelor degrees (a BS in Health Science from Taylor and a BSN from IWU) at a cost comparable to earning a single four-year degree.

While at Taylor, you will choose one of the Health Science concentrations:

  • Pre-Nursing: Take prerequisite nursing courses that will allow you to build a scientific foundation in biologychemistry, and kinesiology and prepare you to succeed in IWU’s Nursing program.
  • Pre-Nursing/Public Health: Follow the pre-nursing track through the lens of public health. Not only will you analyze how and why people get sick, but you will also investigate the societal stressors and influencers that impact community health. The Pre-Nursing/Public Health concentration will be a great addition to a graduate school application.

Receiving a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from Taylor requires completion of the IWU Nursing Program. If you choose not to join or are not accepted into the program, you can graduate Taylor with a four-year Bachelor’s degree in a related major. Choosing one of Taylor’s other health-focused majors will still allow you to successfully compete with other applicants for graduate and nursing school positions. Because the Health Science major directly correlates with a career in nursing, Taylor recommends all students who are interested in medical school or other medical and allied health careers—such as dentistry, veterinary, physical therapy, or pharmacy—to consider majors in biology, chemistry, exercise science, public health, or psychology.

See Taylor’s Health Science major curriculum guide.