Exercise Science


If you are passionate about exercise and nutrition and want to learn how physical activity and proper nutrition can improve human health and performance, consider an exercise science major.

In this program, you will . . . 

  • learn how exercise impacts physical, emotional, and psychological health
  • take anatomy, chemistry, and biology courses and learn how the body functions during and outside of physical activity
  • apply what you've learned in class to determine individuals' health needs and prescribe exercise and nutritional regimens

Apply what you learn:

  • Utilize the Human Performance Laboratory and Eichling Aquatics Wing's professional-grade research equipment.
  • 160-hour required internship. Past students have interned with the United States Olympic Training Center.
  • Conduct interdisciplinary research in collaboration with the department's professors or propose a project of your own.

Every exercise science major chooses one of two tracts:

Health Science and Human Performance (BA & BS): Do you want to help others maintain healthy lifestyles? Focus on the physical aspect of exercise science by studying exercise techniques, physical wellness, nutritional therapy, pharmacotherapy, and physical fitness.

Careers: Personal training, coaching, corporate wellness, performance enhancement, activity specialist, nutritionist

Pre-Allied Health (BA & BS): Planning for a medical career? The Pre-Allied Health tract delves into the medical applications of human physiology, exercise, and nutrition. This track prepares students for graduate school and post-graduate careers in the medical field.

Careers: Nursing, medicine, physical or occupational therapy, surgeon, physician's assistant, chiropractor

Professional development:

  • Work as a trainer in Fit into Health (FIH), a student-run adult fitness program.
  • Lead fitness classes for senior citizens through our Life Independent through Exercise (LITE) program.
  • Present research findings at professional conferences, such as the Experimental Biology annual conference and Midwestern American College of Sports Medicine regional conference.
  • Our health professions advisor provides personalized guidance to make sure you get the experience you need to pursue a career in health.