Physics/Mathematics Education


If you enjoy mathematics and physics and have a knack for helping others understand difficult concepts, consider a physics/mathematics education major. This major is designed to train students to teach both physics and mathematics to students in grades 5-12.

In this program, you will . . . 

  • dive deep into physics and mathematics through a host of advanced classes, including:
    • University Physics 1 & 2
    • Modern Physics
    • Calculus 1, 2, 3
    • Linear Algebra
    • College Geometry
    • Mathematics Statistics
  • take application-focused physics and/or engineering electives that put principles into action
  • learn to make physics and mathematics accessible to those who don't naturally grasp them

You'll take classes that immerse you into the subject matter, along with classes that demonstrate the best ways to communicate physics and mathematics concepts to middle and high school students.

Education courses provide a working knowledge of:

  • how to tailor your lessons based on your students' psychological development
  • discipline and classroom management in middle and high school settings
  • math and science education methods
  • forms and approaches of assessment

Every physics/mathematics education student spends a full semester their senior year teaching domestically or abroad. The semester is split between two placements in different schools, teaching different grade levels.

See the curriculum guide.