Public Health

Graduate school & career options

Taylor University's public health major is designed to enhance your primary major with the knowledge and skills necessary for a graduate or career experience. This can look very different for you depending upon your calling, area of study, or career path.

A graduate degree is typically required for students desiring a career in public health. On average, students spend two years beyond their undergraduate experience before they are fully prepared.

Public health + primary major

Here is a sampling of careers in public health you can pursue by combining a public health major with a primary major:

• Public Health + Biology — Biostatisticians analyze data to determine the cause of disease and illness within our communities. These professionals study the data to forecast scenarios and make informed decisions regarding health trends.

• Public Health + Biology — Epidemiologists study food-born and viral outbreaks among our communities. They research and often discover the causes of disease or injury, and how it's spread.

• Public Health + Environmental Science — The field of environmental health studies how our health is affected by our surroundings. Some of these effects stem from air, water, soil and genetics and how they relate to the environment. 

• Public Health + Psychology — Behavioral psychologists work with communities to promote healthy habits that hinder or eliminate the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, addictive behaviors, and unsafe conduct. They develop educational programs to perpetuate healthy living.

• Public Health + Psychology — Maternal and child health professionals work with women and children to facilitate healthy pregnancies and childhood development. Through research, education and advocacy, their efforts improve the lives of women, children and their families. 

• Public Health + Exercise Science — This field works with community members of all ages to develop healthy eating and exercise habits. Educating people about nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle choices, they seek to improve the overall health and wellness of communities.

• Public Health + International Studies — Cultures and ethnic groups around the world have different health issues related to all areas of Public Health. Professionals with a global perspective are needed to bring education and advocacy to these communities.