Systems Curriculum

Become a change agent

Because liberal arts at Taylor is steeped in Christian theology and ethics, you will be better able to affect change in a way that considers the needs of people and glorifies God. The systems curriculum is all about making the world better.

The systems curriculum trains you to recognize and analyze systems, improve existing ones, and develop new ones. The liberal arts foundation helps you connect the dots; you will be a strong conceptual thinker and will able to synthesize ideas into new solutions. You will become a change agent after you graduate.

Real-world experience

You will be given the opportunity to analyze the needs of a real client and propose a solution. In a subsequent course, you will be able to build the solution. One class built an information system for HCJB World Radio to help them plan and track the installation of radio studios and transmission sites to broadcast the Gospel worldwide.

In general, you should study systems because they will help you better understand the world around you. As you learn to make decisions quantitatively and solve problems with technology, you will become a stronger employee and leader.

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