If you like working with numbers and are interested in the business world, consider an accounting major. Accountants help organizations make strategic decisions by providing information necessary to effectively manage resources.

In this program, you will . . . 

  • gain a solid foundation in the basic principles of business, including finance, business law, economics, marketing, and management
  • prepare for careers in public accounting (audit, tax, consulting) or private accounting for business, government, education, and non-profit organizations
  • apply accounting principles in hands-on classes

Our program trains you to prepare, analyze, interpret, and communicate financial data with ethical considerations for organizations.

You'll learn how . . . 

  • managerial or cost accounting helps organizations efficiently use their resources to make decisions and achieve their objectives
  • auditing assures stakeholders that the organization's claimed financial position and operation results are credible and, through this, facilitates smart resource allocation
  • tax research, planning, and compliance impact society's operations and many aspects of personal, business, and political life

Professional development:

  • 360-hour required practicum in the accounting field
  • Opportunities for a full-time, tax-season internship with an accounting firm
  • Be CPA-exam eligible by earning 150 credit hours in four years
  • Prepare for CPA exam with our special preparatory course
  • Join Enactus, Taylor's entrepreneurial business club

Degree options:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Accounting is a basic accounting degree with foreign language requirements.
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting is a more involved treatment of accounting theory and practice, with a focus on preparing for accounting certification (no foreign language required).
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting/Systems adds Systems requirements to the existing Bachelor of Arts degree requirements (no foreign language required).