Master the art of preparing and interpreting financial data for managers, investors and the general public as you train in our accounting program for a career in public accounting, business, government, education, or nonprofit organizations. Learn more.

Interested in studying economics?
Consider our interdisciplinary political science, philosophy, and economics (PPE) major.

Get a firm foundation in the principles of financial decision-making in organizations by studying finance at Taylor. You'll have opportunities to manage real money and take a course to prepare for the Series 7 exam. Learn more.

Learn best management practices and develop your understanding of the business world with a management major. This major prepares students for careers in logistics, retail management, human resource management, and a host of entrepreneurial ventures. Learn more.

If you are passionate about music and business, consider majoring in music with a music management or music marketing concentration.

Become equipped through our marketing major to create, communicate, and deliver value to customers, while managing relationships in ways that benefit organizations and stakeholders. It is a perfect foundation for sales, advertising, retailing, purchasing, brand management, customer relations, or market research. Learn more.


Learn the ins and out of accounting while developing skills and understanding in the major of your choice. The accounting minor is an ideal addition to majors in business or mathematics, among others.

Developmental Economics
If you're interested in how economics can be used to alleviate poverty in the developing world, consider a minor in developmental economics. This minor is especially suited for public health and social work majors.

Develop your understanding of economic systems and processes with an economics minor. This minor is ideal for international business and political science majors.

If you're interested in eventually operating your own business, consider an entrepreneurship minor. Students in any major may declare this minor.

Learn the functions of the finance world—accounting, taxes, investments—with a finance minor. Non-business majors must take additional prerequisite courses to complete this minor.

Develop your knowledge and understanding of business management with a management minor. This minor pairs especially well with accounting and marketing majors.

Learn how to reach your target audience and accurately measure marketing initiatives with a marketing minor. This minor pairs especially well with corporate communication, international business, and professional writing majors.