If you're interested in handling money and helping others make good investments, consider a finance major.

In this program, you will . . .

  • study business principles, including accounting, marketing, and economics
  • learn to calculate and evaluate statistics
  • apply the principles of financial decision-making

You'll gain hands-on experience, while learning longstanding and current finance practices from experienced business professionals.

You'll learn . . . 

  • how corporations evaluate whether or not to borrow capital in other countries
  • practical investment strategies involving stocks, bonds, and different types of markets
  • the uses of short- and long-term financial assets

Professional development:

  • 360 hour required practicum
  • Manage $2.2 million of Taylor's endowment
  • Join Enactus, Taylor's entrepreneurial business club
  • Prepare for the Series 7 brokerage exam with our special preparatory course

See the curriculum guide.