Do you critique commercials and advertisements like it's your job? Are you consistently intrigued by the ads that follow you around after you look up products online? Can you picture yourself as the person behind marketing campaigns?

Our marketing major equips students to apply logic and creativity to marketing efforts that communicate value to potential customers.

In this program, you will . . .

  • build a foundation in principles of accounting, economics, business, and management
  • develop a practical understanding of marketing principles
  • study consumer decision-making and its major factors of influence
  • put marketing theory into action through real business projects

Marketing classes cover everything from pre-campaign market research, consumer behavior, and current best practices in the marketing world.

Through hands-on classes, you will . . . 

  • identify problems, develop and administer surveys, analyze data, and propose research-based solutions
  • study the psychological, social, and economic influences on product consumption
  • learn the importance of staying at the front of industry change

Professional development:

  • 360-hour required practicum
  • Entrepreneurial projects through Taylor's Enactus chapter
  • Join the Media Marketing team in Taylor Student Organization

Degree options: