With an education degree, you have many career options, and you will be prepared to enter graduate school. For more information, please feel free to contact our faculty or come for a visit.

  • Camp directors
  • Children’s church leaders
  • College professors
  • Elementary school teachers
  • Head Start teachers
  • Middle and high school teachers
  • Missionaries
  • Preschool directors
  • Principals
  • School administrators
  • Tutors

Where can you go?

  • Indiana has reciprocity with 46 states. Most of our graduates are teaching in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan, and an increasing number of our graduates are teaching abroad. We currently have teachers in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Bolivia, and many others.
  • Within the US and outside of the Midwest, we have alumni teaching in Colorado, Texas, Kentucky, and Arizona, among other states.
  • Our students are placed for student teaching in Grant, Blackford, and/or Delaware Counties, and in the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne area schools.
  • One of our recent graduates served two years on the Mercy Ships, medical missionary ships which minister to underserved third world countries.