A theology institute for high school youth

What is Empower?

Empower is a three-week summer program for high school students from economically and educationally challenged areas, who demonstrate promise for ministry and leadership. The program is designed to develop theologically-minded youth and empower them. Alongside their mentors, they will be trained to act on their convictions by engaging in hometown congregations.

As part of Empower, students and mentors will…

  • Reflect on Scripture and Christian theology as a means for engaging specific contemporary challenges
  • Experience God through theology and Scripture lived out in worship, Christian practices, service, and intentional community
  • Cultivate a robust and growing love for God, others, and creation through worship, mentorship, spiritual formation, and ongoing learning
  • Explore their callings while intentionally considering full-time ministry
  • Take what they’ve learned about theological reflection and Scripture engagement back to their hometown congregations

High school students spend three weeks on Taylor’s campus and earn college credit. The last week of the program, their mentors join them on campus for a five-day capstone, during which mentors and mentees collaborate to prepare a ministry project for their local congregations.

Empower faculty are drawn from Taylor University’s 15-member theology department, as well as cooperating institutions, and are assisted by current Taylor students.