Dr. Dan Hammond

Daniel Hammond

Department Chair & Professor of Chemistry

Office Location: Euler 336
Phone: (765) 998-5273
Email: dnhammond@tayloru.edu

Specialties: 2d gel electrophoresis, affinity chromatography, biochemistry, design of isoperibol microcalorimeter, gas chromatography mass spectrometry, kinetics using well plate reader, metabolism of the extremophile acidianus infernus, physical chemistry, studying biochemical reactions, study of metabolism, various bioanalytical techniques, western blotting



Ph.D., Chemistry Major (Physical Biochemistry specialty), Wayne State University
Dissertation: Kinetic Studies of the Ulra-Violet Induced Crosslinking of RNA Polymerase to DNA
B.A., Biology Major & Chemistry Minor, Bethel College
Biology Major, Oakland University

Why I came to Taylor:

I was not originally looking for an academic job, but I did answer one ad for a college teaching position and that was at Taylor University. After an intense two-day interview and then being offered a contract, my wife and I decided to try it for awhile. Apparently, we like it here since we’ve been here for over thirty years!

We have great students with whom we develop lifelong relationships. We interact with our students both in and out of the classroom. It is a great feeling to have had a part in developing these young people as scientists, physicians, veterinarians, dentists, etc.

Advice to incoming students:

Learn good study habits and time management skills. College courses can be much more challenging and demanding than high school courses.


Play in the racquetball league and softball.

Play harmonica, guitar, and banjo in praise bands, duets with my wife (an accomplished classical musician), community activities, and musicals.

Enjoy studying history and culture.