Jeffrey Regier

Dr. Jeff Regier

Jeffrey Regier

Professor of Biology, Au Sable Institute Campus Representative, Pre-Med Advisor & Department Chair

Office Location: Euler 310
Phone: (765) 998-4893

Specialties: campus representative to the au sable institute, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, molecular genetics


Major career accomplishments:

Awards and Honors

Trustees’ Scholarship, Taylor University, 1986-1987
Chi Alpha Omega (Scholastic Honor Society), Taylor University, 1987
Biotechnology Doctoral Fellowship, Michigan State University, 1988-1992
Project Kaleidoscope Faculty for the 21st Century Network, 1996-1999

Professional Memberships and Activities

American Association for the Advancement of Science, since 1988
Question contributor for the Biochemistry, Cell & Mol. Biology and Biology GREs
Grader for AP Biology, 2002-2010


Berger, S. L., Piña, B., Silverman, N., Marcus, G. A., Agapite, J., Regier, J. L., Triezenberg, S. J., and Guarente, L. (1992) Genetic isolation of ADA2: A potential transcriptional adaptor required for function of certain acidic activation domains.  Cell 70, 251-265.

Regier, J. L., Shen, F., and Triezenberg, S. J. (1993) Pattern of aromatic and hydrophobic amino acids critical for one of two subdomains of the VP16 transcriptional activator. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 90, 883-887.

Xiao, H., Pearson, A., Coulombe, B., Truant, R., Zhang, S., Regier, J. L., Triezenberg, S. J., Reinberg, D., Flores, O., Ingles, C. J., and Greenblatt, J. (1994) Binding of basal transcription factor TFIIH to the acidic activation domains of VP16 and p53. Mol. Cell. Biol. 14, 7013-7024.