Bradley Seeman

Dr. Brad Seeman

Bradley Seeman

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Office Location: Reade 132
Phone: (765) 998-4038

Specialties: apologetics, contemporary continental philosophy, interaction between architectural and philosophical theory, metaethical questions


Major career accomplishments:

Dr. Seeman’s own areas of research include metaethical questions about the ways in which God grounds moral obligations, difficulties facing Materialists who seek to ground objective moral obligations in a world without God, and how Christians can respond to the tough questions people ask Christians about their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Dr. Seeman also has a lively interest in contemporary continental philosophy and the ways in which architectural theory and philosophy interact.  Additionally, he is currently revisiting his earlier work in Church History for an essay to be published in a book Dr. D.A. Carson is editing for Eerdmans Press.