Richard Smith

Dr. Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Office Location: Reade 137
Phone: (765) 998-5251

Specialties: biblical criticism, deuteronomistic history, hebrew bible studies, hebrew prophets, integration of synchronic and diachronic approaches, methodology, old testament, pentateuchal narratives, poetic and wisdom literature


Vitae PDF: Dr. Richard Smith's Printable Vitae

Richard G. Smith, Ph.D. 

Taylor University
236 West Reade Ave
Upland, IN 46989-1001


Spouse: Jill Smith
Children: Truett, Emmet, and Carson


Ph.D. University of Cambridge (King’s College), 2001. Faculty of Divinity.
Dissertation: “The Figure of Joab and the Fate of ‘Justice and Righteousness’ during David’s Reign: Rereading the So-called ‘Court History’ according to 2 Samuel 8:15–20:26,” Robert P. Gordon, supervisor.

Th.M. Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas, 1996. Academic Ministries.
Major area: New Testament Studies
Thesis: “Jehu’s Revolt in Deuteronomic Perspective: A Literary-Rhetorical Study of 2 Kings 8:25–10:36,” Robert B. Chisholm, primary reader.

B.S.A. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1988. Agriculture.
Major area: Animal Sciences


Taylor University, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies (2006–Present)

Taylor University, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies (2001–2005)

Taylor University, Visiting Professor of Biblical Studies (February–May, 2001)


Regular Courses: Biblical Literature I, Poetic and Wisdom Literature, Hebrew Prophets, Seminar in Biblical Languages, Seminar in Biblical Literature

Other Courses: Honors Biblical Literature I, Elementary Old Testament Hebrew I, Elementary Old Testament Hebrew II, Hebrew Syntax and Lexicography, Hebrew Exegesis, Pentateuch, Apocalyptic Literature of the Bible, Old Testament Historical Books


Society of Biblical Literature

Institute for Biblical Research

American Oriental Society


Books and Articles

The Fate of Justice and Righteousness During David's Reign: Rereading the Court History and Its Ethics according to 2 Samuel 8:15b–20:26 (Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies 508; New York & London: T & T Clark, 2009.

“Exposed, Isolated, or Immuned” in Taylor magazine, Metanoia: Beyond the Mind (Issue 1, 2006), pp. 12–14.

Book Reviews

Review of The Song of Songs, by Dianne Bergant. Berit Olam Studies in Hebrew Narrative & Poetry. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2001” [published 2/18/2004 online in Review of Biblical Literature]

Review of The Song of Songs’ Cautionary Message Concerning Human Love, by George M. Schwab. Studies in Biblical Literature 41. New York: Peter Lang, 2002” [published 12/7/2003 online inReview of Biblical Literature]

Review of Psalms, by George Konrad Schaefer. Berit Olam Studies in Hebrew Narrative & Poetry. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2001” [published 3/17/2004 online in Review of Biblical Literature]


“Reflections on Teaching and Pedagogy in Light of the Hebrew Bible’s Wisdom Literature,” paper presented at the Annual Convention of the Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society, Mount Sterling OH, 2007.


Taylor University Panels, Forums, and Seminars

Panel Speaker - Marriage and Gender Roles (1/13/11)

Panel Speaker - Faculty Panel on the Book Love Wins by Rob Bell (5/8/11)

Presenter - “A BIB 480 Assignment,” CTLE Cooperative Learning Seminar (3/14/11)

Presenter - “A Biblical Theology of Justice and Righteousness and Its Relationship to Modern Concerns for Social Justice,” Taylor Social Justice Week (4/6/2009)

Panel Speaker - Sexuality Panel, Residence Life Program “Sex and the Cornfields” (3/10/2009)

Panel Speaker - Panel discussion for Taylor Youth Conference leaders on characteristics of spiritual growth and development in high school students and how to best manage male-female interactions in ministry (4/7/2009)

Presenter - “The Wisdom Process,” Colleagues’ College (8/05)

Presenter - “Before You Fall: Dealing with Issues of Pride,” TSO Leadership Training Seminar (11/13/04)

Presenter - “Managing Your Mentors,” TSO Leadership Training Seminar (2/4/03)

Panel Speaker - “Reaching Out to the Hurting and Dealing with Suicide,” TSO Faculty Forum (10/29/01)

Panel Speaker - “Responding to the Terror of 911,” TSO Faculty Forum (9/25/01)

Taylor University Chapel and Vesper Messages

Vespers: “Integrity: Honest to God or Dead in the Water?” (03/04/07)

Senior Chapel: “A Threshold Speech in the Spirit of Proverbs for Graduating Seniors” (5/19/06)

Vespers: “Gossip: Creating Pseudo-fellowship - Proverbs 18:8 // 26:22” (11/04)

Vespers: “Being a Tradent: Possessing Character, Bequeathing Content - Proverbs 4” (11/04)

Vespers: “Feminine Beauty: What’s It Worth? - Proverbs 11:22” (12/04)

Chapel: “Just and Righteous Leadership according to Isaiah 32:1–8” (11/14/03)

Football Team Chapel: “Playing When You Are Down” (10/15/03)

Vespers: “Serving Two Masters” (6/27/02)

Vespers: “The Wisdom Process and Moral Awareness” (3/2/03)

Football Team Chapel: “Playing to Win vs. Playing to Not Lose” (10/4/02)

Speaking Engagments with Informal Student Groups

“My Testimony” - Taylor Men’s Ministry (9/20/11)

“Proverbs” - Taylor Staff Men’s Small Group (Spring 2010)

“Biblical Manhood” - Bergwall and Sammy II (02/27/07)

“My Testimony” - Sammy Morris Hall (10/04)

“Different Kinds of Fools” - Sammy Morris Hall (10/04)

“Purity” - Sammy Morris Hall (11/04)

“Treasures” - Sammy Morris Hall (11/04)

“Grace and Truth” - Sammy Morris Hall (11/04)

“On the Purpose of Quiet Times” - 2nd East Wengatz (11/14/02)

“On Becoming a Man of God” - 2nd East Wengatz (3/14/02)


Enrollment and Athletic Committee (2011–Present)

Academic Policies Committee (2007–2010 [chair 2009-2010])

Community Life Committee (2002–2005)

Taylor Assessment Summit (5/22/11)

Organizer for Colleagues College Flag-Football (2010)

Judge for Chapel Band Auditions (2008; 2010)

Colleagues’ College Subcommittee and Panel on “Thinking Theologically about Our Students” (2005)

Taylor Representative at CCCU Conference on Gender, Identity, and Human Sexuality (2005)


Wing Hook-up for 4th Bergwall (2008–Present)

Airband Security (2006–Present)

Pre-marital Counselor for Phil and Laura Reese (Spring 2010)

Parent’s Weekend and Welcome Weekend: Bob Davis Bluegrass Band (2006–2010)

Wing Hook-up for Sammy Morris, “The Brotherhood” (2005–2007)

Air Band Judge (10/18/07)

Wengatz Shotgun and Pistol Rally (2006; 2007)

Wing Hook-up for 2nd East Olson (2001)


Upland Community Church, Upland, IN

Presenter - UCC Family Seminar (4/16/11)

Adult Leader - Junior High Youth Trip to Cedar Point, OH. (5/2010)

Youth Ministry Board Member (02/07–present)

Adult Sunday School Teacher – Story of Redemption Class (1/11–4/11)

BASSYCS Supervisor (2007–2009)

High School Sunday School Teacher (9/2/07; 01/12/08)

4th and 5th Grade Boys Sunday School Teacher (1/07–5/07)

Adult Leader - Youth Whitewater Rafting Trip (8/10/07)

Sunday Morning Sermon: “Judah and Joseph” (7/20/05)

Sunday Morning Testimony: “The Power of the Word” (6/12/05)

Adult Sunday School Teacher - Berean Class (4/05)

Adult Sunday School Teacher - Bible Study Class (1/03–4/03)

Visiting Speaker: Community Church of Warren, IN

Sunday Evening Speaker: “Mourning in the Christian Life” (12/18/02)

Youth Group Speaker: “What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?” (12/18/02)

Visiting Speaker: Community Bible Church of Russellville, AR.

Sunday Morning Sermon: “True Worship” (3/20/03)