Solomon Abebe

Dr. Solomon Abebe

Solomon Abebe

Professor of Education

Office Location: Euler 006
Phone: (765) 998-5229

Specialties: conducting workshops, curriculum & instruction, public school administration, science (biology), training teachers


Vitae PDF: Dr. Solomon Abebe's Printable Vitae

Solomon Abebe



Ph.D. New Mexico State University 1987
Educational Management and DevelopmentCurriculum and Instruction

Ed. Spe. Eastern New Mexico University 1983

MA Eastern New Mexico University 1982

BA  Goshen College 1980- 81
Natural Science, Education

AA Hesston College 1978
General Science



2010 – Present     Professor of Education, Taylor University

2001 - Present      Conduct workshops for teachers in Indiana, Performance Learning Systems (PLS)

2000 - Present      Associate Professor, Tenured (2005), Taylor University

2000 - Present      Adjunct faculty,  Graduate program, Indiana Wesleyan University

1997 - 2000          Assistant Principal, Richmond Schools

1996 - 1997          Director, School of Education & Associate Professor, Eastern New Mexico University             

1996 - 2002          Adjunct Summer Faculty, IUPUI

1993 - 1996          Chair, Teacher Education Department and Asst. Professor, University of Indianapolis

1993 - 1996          Director, Collaborative Education Program –University of Indianapolis, IVY Tech, Martin University

1990 - 1992          Chair, Teacher Education Department and Assistant Professor, Manchester College

1989 - 1990          Director, Field Placement and Assistant Professor, Eastern New Mexico University,

1988 – 1989         Director, Teacher Education Program, College of the Southwest

1986 – 1988         Chairman, District Science and Engineering Fair, Hobbs Public Schools

1986 – 1988         Secondary School Teacher, Hobbs Public Schools

1983 – 1994         Secondary School Teacher, Hobbs Public Schools

1983 – 1994         High School Coach, Hobbs Public Schools

1986 - 1988          High School Coach, Hobbs Public Schools

1975 – 1976         Assistant Supervisor, Community Development Project, Deder, Ethiopia

1974 – 1975         Middle School Teacher, Deder, Ethiopia

1973 – 1974         Acting Principal (6 month), Deder Middle School, Deder, Ethiopia

1971 – 1973         Elementary School Teaching, Deder, Ethiopia



  • Curriculum Management Committee (CMC)
  • Edu 150 Foundations of Education;
  • Edu 332 Middle/Jr. High
  • Supervision of student teachers
  • Facilitate EDU 553 Individual Assessment
  • Conduct workshops on Assessment and Learning; Multiple Intelligence; Classroom Management; learning to Read for  Comprehension, Reading across the curriculum, Differentiated Instruction



  • IndianaAssociation of School Principals (1997 – 2002)
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development—Associate member for recruiting (1994-present)
  • Association of Teacher Educators  (ATE), National High Education Representative
    • Indiana Association of Teacher Educators – Steering Committee (1991 – present)
    • Indiana Association of Teacher Educators, President (2012 - 2014)
    • Indiana Association of Teacher Educators—Vice President, (2010 - 2012)
    • Indiana Coalition  of Blacks in Higher Education (1990 – 2002)
    • Association of Ethiopian Community of Indiana (1993 - present)
    • Pi Delta Kappa (PDK) (1989 – present)
    • National Association of Foreign Students  (NAFSA) (2001 – 2010)



  • Advise Education majors
  • Advise international Students
  • ATE-I Steering Committee member
  • AILCATE Regional Representative
  • ShalomMennoniteChurchOutreach and Welcoming Committee, Chair
  • Shalom Mennonite Church Sunday School Teacher
  • Curriculum Management Committee (MC ) member
  • Lawrence Central High School Improvement committee member
  • Lawrence North PASS Parent member



Conference Presentations

 6+1 Model of DI for College Teachers,  CTLE Presentation, April 2012

 Stress and student teacher: Old wine in a new bottle”. ATE 2009 summer conference, Nevada

 Reexamining the Duties and Responsibilities of Assistant Principals as Agent of Change: The need for Professional Development.   Midwest Conference, February 2008, Indianapolis

 Reexamining the Duties and Responsibilities of Assistant Principals as Agent of Change.   August 2006, Philadelphia

 Inclusion Revisited: How teachers evaluate for special education placement.  (Co-presenter, Assegedech Hailemariam) ATE, Boston, MS, summer, 2004

Stress and Student Teachers.  Presented at ATE Midwest April 2003.  ATE (Co-Author, Joan Kitterman)

“Mentoring.” Training session for 20 staff members at Purdue University—Calumet, August 22, 1995

“Parents Opinion of the effects of Student Teachers on Their Children’s Performance.”

ATE Midwest Conference, April 1995

“Culturally Responsive Teacher Education: Lessons from the Past and Opportunities for the Future.”  International History of Education Symposium, Northern Illinois University, July 1994.

“Collaboration:  A Symptom of Healthy and Effective Schools.”  Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education, 6th Annual Forum, November 1993, Colorado Springs (Co-presenter—Dr. Weisenbach)

“What is Diversity?”  Pulling Together for the Future.  Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) Summer Conference, Wisconsin, summer 1992

“Multicultural Model: From Ethnocentric to Global Emphasis --Administrative and Curricular Implications.”  Paper presented at the Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association Conference, El Paso, TX, November 1991.

“Multicultural Model: From Ethnocentric to Global Emphasis –Instructional and Assessment Implications.”  Paper presented at the ATE Mid-West Spring Conference, Indianapolis, April 1993. 

“Multicultural/Diversity Education Curriculum Infusion.”  Paper presented at the Mid-West School Social Work Counsel, South Bend, Sept 30 to Oct. 2, 1993.

“Stress in New Mexico Public Schools.”  Paper presented at the Rocky Mountain Educational Research Association Conference, Las Cruces, NM, Fall 1985.

“Classroom Instruction and Assessment with Multicultural Perspective.” Purdue University, March 1993.

“The Best Careers for Minorities in the 21 Century.” IVY Tech State College, June 1993.

“Understanding Human Diversity.”  Convocation presentation, Manchester College, March 1992.

“Home-School Coalition for Education Reform.” Panel discussion at the 3rd Annual Parent Training Institute, ENMU, January 1990.

“Involving Parents of Culturally Diverse Students.”  Symposium on Multicultural Students.  ENMU, Spring 1990.

“Motivating Students to Learn:  the Difference is a Caring Teacher.”  First Annual Pacos Training Institute, Rosewell, NM, Feb., 1990.

“Cultural Diversity: Our Differences are Strengths.”  College Exploration Day for Minority Students, Manchester College, November 1992.



Dissertation – “Understanding the Relationship between Teacher Stress and Absenteeism”, May 1987 (unpublished).

Thesis – “Comparative Analysis of Stress Related Factors.” July 1983 (unpublished)

Stress and student teachers. Spring, 2006.  Eastern Education Journal. (Co-Author, Joan Kitterman)

An Interview with Diane Ravitch and Martin Haberman. Spring 2005.  Eastern Education Journal. (Co-Author, Joan Kitterman)

Teacher Stressors and Potential Remedies from Pre-service Teachers’ and Cooperating Teachers’ Perspectives, Eastern Education Journal, V40, N1, spring 2011, (co-author, Assegedetch  HaileMariam)

Transcendence in the public schools: The teacher as a moral model.  Journal of College and Character, Volume 2, 2004.        (Co-Author, Wanda Davis)

Translation of a song by Gigi about soccer game.  This was in reference to the 2008 African Cup.  Co-translator, Befekadu A. Tsigie (2008)

Factors influencing Teachers’ decisions to refer students for special education services. ERIC,2008). (Co-author, Assegedech Hailemariam.)

“Strengthening the Teaching Profession: Preparing Educators to Cope with Stress. ERIC, Spring 2005.  Co-authors:  M. Shaughnessy and S. Y. Abebe.

“Reexamining the Duties and Responsibilities of Assistant Principals as Agent of Change: The need for Professional Development”.   Journal of Arts and Science, Winter 2010.  Coauthors: Larry Lindsey and Mike Banner, (IWU).

“Reexamining the duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Principal. Journal of Critical Issues in Education, Illinois State University.  Spring 2008. Co-authors: Larry Lindsey and Mike Banner, (IWU).

“The woman at the well: An encounter of risk-taking.  (In progress).  Co-authors: Joan Kitterman and Chin Chang (Taylor University).

“An Interview with Martin Haberman.” (April 1999) Journal for Just and Caring Education, 5 (2); (Co-authors M. Shaughnessy, and M. Malone)

“What Parents Know and Say about Student Teachers.”   ERIC Clearinghouse 1999, ED 038-103.

“Back to School: Shopping for Effective Schools.  The Indianapolis Register.  November 1995.

“Stress and Children: Old Wine in a New Bottle.”  The Indianapolis Register.  October 1995.

“Diversity as a Creative Process: A Multicultural Perspective.”  ERIC Clearinghouse, Spring 1994.  ED 359-155.

“Walk the Walk: A Teacher Education Program Moves Toward Diversity.”  Promising Practices: Teacher Education in Liberal Arts Colleges. University Press of America: New York, 1994.  (Co-author Dr. L. Weisnebach)

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“What is Diversity?”  Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) Summer Conference, Wisconsin, summer 1992.  (Video and audio tapes are available)

“Teacher Common Sense: The Personal Touch to Discipline Management.”  The New Mexico English Journal, fall 1991.

“Prevention:  The Missing Link in the Discipline Problem.”  The New Mexico English  Journal, fall 1989.

“Bust the Barrier by Communicating better.” New Mexico Journal of Reading, Spring 1985.



  1. Attended Learning to Read Comprehension workshop, six-day workshop to improve comprehension (January-February 2006).
  2. Attended Differentiated Instruction workshop—six day training to improve instruction. (Spring 2007).
  3. Conducted workshop on Alternative Assessment, to St. Luke School Staff (October and November 2005).
  4. Conducted workshops for teachers at Goshen, Ft. Wayne and Kokomo on differentiated Instruction; and Learning to Read: Improving comprehension in June and July 2007, 2008, 2009


  1. ATE-I  $500.00 2001
  2. CTLE  $500.00 2005
  3. CTLE  $300.00 2008