Dr. Stefan Brandle

Stefan Brandle

Professor of Computer Science & Engineering

Office Location: Euler 204
Phone: (765) 998-4685
Email: stbrandle@taylor.edu

Specialties: artificial intelligence, computer science education, data communications, e-commerce, teaching children how to program, tools that enhance learning



Ph.D., Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1998
Thesis Title: Using Joint Actions to Explain Acknowledgments in Tutorial Discourse: Application to Intelligent Tutoring Systems
M.S., Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1992
B.S., Philosophy, Wheaton, 1986

Why I came to Taylor:

Taylor has a strong claim to having the best computer science program among the Christian colleges. We have wonderful students, amazing alumni, really nice facilities and equipment, and an earned reputation as one of the departments on campus where the faculty are most united in our mission. Since the late 70's, the department has done dozens of projects that have been used by our clients. Many of these have focused on the church and missions community and have made a real contribution to the clients. It is a real pleasure to teach at Taylor.

Advice to incoming students:

The single most important determiner of how well you do in college is you. If you take responsibility for your learning, decide that you will be one of those who excels, get help when you need it, and do the work that this implies, you will later realize that your Taylor education helped put you near the head of the crowd; our alumni consistently tell us this.


Gardening, reading, playing and listening to music

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