Diana Friend

Diana Friend

Admissions Counselor

Phone: (765) 998-4950
Email: diana_friend@taylor.edu

Hello! My name is Diana Friend and I am the Admissions Counselor for students considering majors in the Humanities and Fine Arts. I am very excited you are looking at Taylor, and thrilled to help you along this journey. 

A bit about me: I am a Michigan native. I graduated from Taylor in 2014 with a degree in Public Relations. I love to travel. I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of two missions trips during my time at Taylor. I served in Haiti for a Spring Break trip and in Peru on a Lighthouse trip. If you like to travel, I’d love to tell you about my trips and the travel opportunities you could have during your time at Taylor. 

I love hearing people’s stories. Through my position here at Taylor, I have the opportunity to hear and be a part of people’s stories every day. I am blessed to still be a part of the Taylor community and I’d love for you to be able to find out for yourself if you could see Taylor as your second home. 

I am more than happy to help answer any questions you may have as you go through the college search process. I am excited to learn about how God is working in your life and how I can best assist you. 

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