Greater Than - Seniors 2014 Give

Class of 2014- YOU DID IT!

The 225 gifts from your class surpassed the goal, so a '96 alumna will add $1,000 to your scholarship for freshman Max Price! (You gave $876 too!) 

Together, you've impacted a Taylor student who will follow in your footsteps next fall! Thanks to all who gave and supported this initiative!

Learn more about supporting the Taylor experience of other students like Max here.

Class of 2014 Senior Gift Scholarship:

Goal: Participation from greater than half the senior class.

Challenge: If 200+ seniors give ANY amount, a group of 1996 Taylor alumni will add over $1,000!

Questions? Ask your senior class officers (Jason Koh, Lauren Harvey, Claire Romanowski, Justin Rauh) or email

Meet the Recipient:


> Events:
April 22-26

> Coffee Dates:
Tues. 8 PM. Galleria. Coffee for first 50 there.

> Ivanhoe’s:
Wed. 8 PM. Sammy Statues. Ice cream for first 50 there.

> Open House:
Thurs. 8 PM. Your residence hall. Goody bag for first 10 there.

> Traditions:
Sat. Taylathon & Carnival

(Non-seniors: we love you, but seniors get dibs at these events. Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn!)