History, Global & Political Studies

Gain a three-dimensional understanding of the world.

History, Global & Political Studies students don't just restate the textbook. In Taylor's programs, you'll challenge assumptions, make connections between disciplines, and apply what you learn to current issues.

No discipline exists in a vacuum. Whether you're studying history, international studies, social studies education, or PPE (Political Science, Philosophy & Economics), you will . . . 

  • consider the multi-dimensional factors that play into history, politics, culture, etc.
  • engage in thoughtful research and analysis
  • apply critical thinking in the pursuit of knowing and understanding the truth

Through class discussions, case studies, role plays, and simulations, you'll take what you're learning and apply it to past and current issues and events. Our students develop fresh insights and perspectives that join textbook knowledge with global realities and a Christian worldview.

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Dr. Steve Messer describes application of a Christian perspective of history.

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Dr. Steve Messer, Professor of History, explains the learning experience in studying history from a Christian perspective and applying that knowledge.

Watch Dr. Nicholas Kerton-Johnson explain how a Political Science degree will prepare you.Watch Dr. Nicholas Kerton-Johnson, Associate Professor of Political Science, explain how a Political Science degree will prepare you to fulfill your passions and advance God's kingdom.

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