Prepare for the future by studying the past

If you want to study and understand our world’s history and gain a clear focus on the impact the past has on the contemporary world, consider majoring in History, Social Studies Education or International Studies. 

Housed in the Reade Liberal Arts Center, the history department aspires to help you understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of major historical events and issues. We equip you with the essential research and analytical skills you need to identify historical questions and make sense of the historical record. Our curriculum includes many aspects of human endeavor—political, economic, social, religious, and cultural.

Through the diversity of our courses, we seek to awaken an appreciation for the historical context of ever-changing domestic and international issues. We encourage curiosity among our students and value your comments, questions and ideas, as vital parts of classroom learning.

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Dr. Steve Messer describes application of a Christian perspective of history.

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Dr. Steve Messer, Professor of History, explains the learning experience in studying history from a Christian perspective and applying that knowledge.

Dr. Alan Winquist describes your career choice of History, International Studies, or Social Studies Education.Dr. Alan Winquist, Department Chair of the History Department, describes the different degrees of the History Department and the careers that lead from your choice of History, International Studies, or Social Studies Education.