Annual Taylathon Bike Race is Saturday, April 28

By Jim Garringer Published: Apr 20, 2012


Men's and women's cycling teams comprised of Taylor University students will compete in the annual Taylathon bicycle race, Saturday, April 28, at 11:00 a.m.

Run on a sidewalk course through the heart of campus, Taylathon is one of the last large-scale student events of the academic year and is a competition between the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Each class fields men’s and women’s teams of eight riders each.

The event begins with team introductions, many of which are choreographed. Teams have arrived at the course in ambulances, on motorcycles, and even entered to Broadway music. The women’s race is run first, followed by the men’s race.

Race organizers say the course is estimated at a little over 4/10ths of a mile. The women will ride 24 laps while the men will ride 40.

Taylathon is sponsored by the Taylor Student Organization and was first run 1948.

The public is invited; there is no admission charge.