Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute Comes to Taylor

Published: Apr 23, 2014

Representatives from the Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute will conduct campus meetings with Taylor University students starting tomorrow, April 24, and continuing Friday, April 25. Those representatives include 16 leading men and women who will create connections and share insight on issues that include integrity, strength, insight and thought to mentor a new generation of leaders.

Breakfast With Fred is based on the life of Fred Smith, Sr., a business executive and Christian layman whose career spanned 65 years. He served on numerous boards for business, Christian organizations, and governmental task forces and influenced the lives of men and women worldwide through speaking, consulting, mentoring, and writing books that include Learning to Lead and Breakfast with Fred.

The recipient of hundreds of achievement awards and honors, Smith was recognized for his contributions to business and ministry. In 2007, Christianity Today, International established the Fred Smith Leadership Award, given to an individual who exemplifies the combination of business acumen and active Christian faith.

He died in 2007 at the age of 92.

Officials from the Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute say that in the same way Smith impacted the lives of students, they also seek to create an impact for Christ. The meetings will take place in various venues around the campus.

Those mentors include Jay Kesler, President Emeritus of Taylor University and Youth For Christ; Hal Habecker, Senior Pastor of Dallas Bible Church; Harold Myra, Executive Chairman of Christianity Today; and Kat Van Dusen, Chicago entrepreneur.