Eighth Annual Business Plan Competition Begins

Published: Jan 30, 2013

Taylor University's School of Business is hosting the eighth annual Taylor University Business Plan Competition. The competition targets businesses and potential businesses operating within the Taylor University campus area of influence encompassing Grant, Blackford, Delaware, surrounding counties, and the entire state of Indiana. The long-term objective is to spur entrepreneurial growth that will generate significant job opportunities for residents of Indiana.

Entrants have the opportunity to submit their business ideas in a phased approach for evaluation by a panel of judges composed of academic and business professionals. Entrants who qualify as finalists will be invited to a 30-minute investor-like meeting consisting of a 15-minute maximum presentation of their ideas to the judges and a 15-minute period to field questions. Critical dates for the 2013 competition include:

Registration/Overview Due 25 Feb 
Semi-finalists Announced 4 Mar
Business Plans Due 2 Apr
Finalists Announced 17 Apr
Finalists Presentation Date 2 May

Final prize amounts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are $7,000, $3,000, and $1,000. In addition to these cash prizes, the winning entrepreneurs will be offered the following forgivable loans from the Grant County Economic Growth Council for the purpose of building upon their investment in Grant County:

First Place: $15,000.00 in forgivable loans
Second Place: $10,000.00 in forgivable loans
Third Place: $7,000.00 in forgivable loans

Indiana residents with fundable business concepts are encouraged to enter and can do so on the Grant County Economic Growth Council website. For details on eligibility and other information, visit the Growth Council website: http://www.grantcounty.com/entrepreneurship/tubizplan

Direct your questions to the Growth Council at 765.662.0650 or csmear@grantcounty.com.