I Problems by Shante Major

By Jim Garringer Published: Apr 18, 2013

Outwardly, Shante Major is a quiet – almost shy – young woman. She speaks in soft tones and is busy with her class load: a major in biology and minor in chemistry. She hopes someday to be a marine biologist. But in the meantime, her calling is to be an “I” doctor.

The genesis of Shante’s spoken word poem “I” Problems came during a high school biology class as she contemplated the structure of the human eye. “My teacher spent about two months drilling into us the structure of the eye, the function and how it works,” she remembers. “I started to see relations between the eye, I, and ourselves – how we see images, and how they are processed.”

When she sat down to write the piece, it began to fall together in a way that really excited her and after she presented it in Taylor chapel, she received even more encouragement from her fellow students.

“Some of the students said it was good to see the ‘me’ perspective – it was eye opening. It was nice to know that people got the message of it,” she says.

In some ways, “I” Problems asks the age old question, “What is God’s will?”

“I read something recently that said one of the biggest sins that we can actually commit is that if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying. Even harder,” Shante says. “But God is trying to say, ‘No, this is not what I had for you.’

“But it is what you want for yourself and so you keep trying,” she continues. “Still, God is saying, ‘No, I have something else – something that is better and you’re not getting it.’ Sometimes He has to say, ‘Okay. IT IS all about you. You go ahead and do what you want to do.’”

Shante says the recording was done several times from different angles including some close-ups that challenged her comfort zone. And while she admits to some shyness, she says she is making an effort to become more outward-focused. “I wanted to talk and interact with people. It is so fun to get to know people who come from a different perspective,” she says.

“One of my friends was telling me, ‘You have a gift.’ I did something similar for Mosaic Night except I did a rap. When she heard it she told me, ‘I bawled the whole time,’ Shante adds. “I just felt like God told me, ‘You have a gift and I want you to keep using it.’”

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