Sundance Credits Include Three Taylor University Filmmakers

By Kathy Bruner Published: Jan 26, 2013

TU alum Trevor Fitch was assistant editor for Sound City

Three Taylor University filmmakers are in the credits for four films at Utah’s Sundance Film Festival.

“We knew that David Turner ’05 had done some of the sound design on Fruitvale, a film in the U.S. dramatic competition,” said John Bruner, assistant professor in Taylor’s media communication department, “but we didn’t know about the other film graduates' involvement until shortly before we arrived here for the festival.” Bruner and his wife Kathy are leading an annual study trip to the festival with ten students.

Taylor graduate Trevor Fitch ’10 was assistant editor on the Sundance documentary Sound City, directed by Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana fame. Grohl recorded the album Nevermind with Nirvana at Sound City Studios, recording studio that closed in 2011. The documentary Sound City memorializes the old school, analog recording studio and the long list of musicians who once called it home.

Bill Parker, a 2012 Taylor graduate, recently moved to Los Angeles and had the opportunity to work on two Sundance films—In a World and JOBS—both in the U.S. Dramatic competition. In a World features a struggling female voice coach hoping to break into the voiceover industry. JOBS is a fictionalized account of the early years in Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs. Parker contributed to several visual effects shots and the credit sequences for the films.

Parker said, “It's sweet to be able to work on films getting released at Sundance, just one year after I attended the festival as a student.”

“It was especially fun to be in the Sundance theatres when the credits rolled this year,” said Bruner. “It’s exciting to see our graduates having success in independent film.”