Taylor University Reopens Wednesday

Published: Jan 07, 2014

The Taylor campus will reopen and January Interterm will begin tomorrow, Wednesday, January 8, following a two-day delay due to a severe winter storm that impacted Central Indiana over the weekend and subsequent subzero temperatures.

Taylor officials will continue to monitor the weather situation carefully and communicate any updates/changes to students, faculty and staff members via the Taylor Announcements email account, the taylor.edu website, and Taylor Twitter account.

Faculty members are asked to be flexible in dealing with absent students due to the weather and travel delays returning from break. Additionally, any faculty or staff members who are unable to get to campus are asked to contact their chair and dean or supervisor as soon as possible. Faculty should work with deans/chairs to develop a plan to make up the missed time within the Interterm session. 

We ask that on-campus auto traffic be kept to a minimum since snow removal efforts will continue in the coming days.

Additionally, we ask everyone in the Taylor community exercise caution when traveling and/or being outdoors. The weather forecast calls for moderating weather conditions later in the week.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and flexibility.