Lifelong Learning Events

CS Lewis Collections/Lecture Hear The C.S. Lewis/J.R.R. Tolkien Friendship by Dr. David Neuhouser, Professor Emeritus, where he will share how, in spite of many differences, Lewis and Tolkien has a strong and lasting friendship that enriched the writings of each. Reservations required; limited availability.
Religious Persecution Lecture Hear from Dr. Nicholas Kerton-Johnson, a Political Science and International Relations professor, who specializes in religious freedom with a focus on Christianity.Reservations required; limited availability.
Exercise is Medicine  Learn from Kinesiology’s Dr. Erik Hayes what research can and can’t tell us, what evidence there is for exercise and fitness as the primary determinant of our health and the practical implications/applications, particularly as we age. Q&A will follow. Reservations required; limited availability.
Create Your Own TV Show Media Communication Professors Kathy and John Bruner supply the script and the technical know-how. You supply the on-camera hosts and some behind-the-scenes enthusiasm. A one-hour crash course in television production. No previous experience necessary! Reservations required; limited availability.
Scripture Engagement Workshop Get equipped to engage the Scriptures in ways that will drive evangelism, personal discipleship, worldview formation, and church planting. Dr. Phil Collins of The Center for Scripture Engagement hosts a session that will teach you to explore biblical texts creatively and imaginatively hear Scripture’s to challenge us to submit to the unique claim God is making on our allegiance.Reservations required; limited availability.
Orphans and Vulnerable Children As followers of Christ we are called to care for the vulnerable: the orphan, the widow, those with AIDS, the sex trafficked and poverty stricken. There are an estimated 153 million orphans in the world today (UNICEF). This reality, as well as our biblical mandate to care for those in need, gives cause for action and is the reason Taylor University has created a program led by Dr. Scott and Professor Jennifer Moeschberger to equip students to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Reservations encouraged.
C.S. Lewis Collections Visit a historical display and collection of C.S. Lewis first editions.
Coffee and Canvas Experience the latest art trend right here in Upland, as Professor Suzie Dittenber gives you step-by-step instructions on painting a masterpiece – all while you're enjoying a cup of coffee.Reservations required; limited availability