Discovering Your Calling

In today’s economic times, it’s tempting to see college as a means to an end: a checkbox on the to-do list for getting a better job or a higher salary. Your time at Taylor is about much more than that. You’ll graduate with the latest information and abilities, but the Taylor experience is not just job training. We aim for whole-person development, attending not only to career, but also to developing students' God-given gifts and abilities.

In order to do that effectively, the Career and Calling Office (CCO) works with students to explore, understand and pursue their calling. When you pursue your calling first, you open yourself up to a career through which you can faithfully respond to that call.

Everyone’s journey is different, but one way we encourage students to think of their calling and career is in this framework:

FreshmenIdentify your interests, values, skills, personality and calling. 

SophomoresExplore connections, potential careers and internships.

Juniors—Engage in the skills, experiences and tools needed to thrive.

Seniors—Execute your skills through connections, workshops and interviews to land a job.

The resources the CCO provides can help you select the major appropriate to your desired career. CCO also provides many opportunities to place you competitively in the marketplace through workshops, industry-specific résumé help, mock interviews, job fairs, networking services and assessment tools.

It provides you with the most current opportunities, research and advice, and serves as a bridge to Taylor’s rich network of caring alumni, parents and friends who can provide you with experienced counsel and crucial connections.