Intercultural Organizations

Because of Taylor's diverse population, we have many organizations all students can get involved in that celebrate specific ethnicities. Each organization provides encouragement and support for its students and programming to promote awareness of the diversity on campus. 

Asian Society for Intercultural AwarenessThe Asian Society for Intercultural Awareness (ASIA) invites the Taylor community to grow in understanding of the diverse cultures, religions and current events of Asia. The purpose of membership in ASIA is to foster compassionate relationships, exchange cultural knowledge and appreciation, and host campus events which engage the wider community, promote awareness, and support the values of the group.

Black Student UnionThe Black Student Union (BSU) is a student-led organization that explores and shares Africa-rooted culture and history. Its goal is to celebrate the perspectives of and inspire restoration in all representatives of the various cultures of the Black community. BSU welcomes all persons who would like to increase their knowledge and build relationships with those within the African-American society.

International Student SocietyThe International Student Society (ISS) is a student-led group that helps foster community among the international student body. The group, representing international and third culture students, works closely with the Office of Intercultural Programs to bring international students together to celebrate and explore the rich backgrounds represented on campus. ISS also provides opportunities for international students to grow and have fun together through various programs and social activities. Though far from their families and familiarity, students find a sense of family in the care and peer support found in ISS. ISS's core purpose is to encourage social, intellectual and spiritual interaction within the Taylor community.

Latino Student UnionThe Latino Student Union (LSU) welcomes all students who identify themselves with the Latino culture and/or have an interest in learning more about the diversity of the Latin world. LSU’s overarching goal is to create awareness of the Latin world through various campus events. These events provide education, support and growth for students.

Middle East Collegiate Association Middle East Collegiate Association (MECA) is open to all students. Our mission is to both engage and educate the campus community in Middle Eastern culture, religion and politics. Through speakers, music, media, language, food and interaction with people of the Middle East, MECA desires to counteract negative stereotypes and provide a balanced perspective on the region.

Multi-Ethnic Student AssociationThe Multi-Ethnic Student Association (MESA) aims to restore broken walls, while breaking down harmful barriers that divide Taylor University. Through thoughtful programming, MESA also fuels critical conversations about prejudice and stereotyping while educating the community about the psychology behind racism. We support the Office of Intercultural Programs (OIP) in a dynamic partnership with the goal of equipping, strengthening and encouraging our students to be servant leaders.

MuKappaMuKappa, now an international organization, was first founded at Taylor University to provide a supportive environment for missionary kids (MKs) and third culture kids (TCKs), helping them appreciate and embrace their cultural background while learning to integrate into the American community. The MuKappa cabinet facilitates this transition through events where students can fellowship in a supportive environment.

Voices of Praise Gospel ChoirThe Taylor University Voices of Praise Gospel Choir is an intentionally diverse choir that proclaims the gospel of reconciliation through the ministry of performing black gospel music and dance. This choir is open to Taylor University students, staff and faculty members.  New members are accepted at the start of every semester.