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Pursue Life to the Full

The more we understand about the world, the more we are able to know and understand God, and be equipped well for the work God has called us to. At Taylor, we believe that this leads us to life to the full, an abundant, satisfying life. Life to the full encompasses all aspects of our lives, as we actively surrender our hearts, bodies, and minds to Christ.

That’s what happens at Taylor, a Christian liberal arts college in Upland, Indiana.

You come to college to earn a degree and to prepare for a career. But when we look at the life that happens at Taylor, we see men and women embracing community, lifelong learning and growth, and yes, academic excellence. Here, men and women are exploring big possibilities for their lives through study, worship, athletics, work, and just doing life together. We create structures and habits that welcome Jesus’ presence in our whole selves, exercising our God-given gifts in community.

Here on Purpose

Chapel Done Differently

Chapel attendance is expected but not monitored, and Rediger Chapel/Auditorium is regularly filled to capacity at 10 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by students worshiping, seeking God, and growing in faith together.

Faculty Mentorship That Shapes Your Academic Experience

Faculty genuinely care about students, going out of their way to find internship opportunities, research experiences, study abroad semesters, leadership positions, and more.

Residence Life That Speaks to Your Whole Life

Students from all classes and majors live together in residence halls, places where lifelong friendships are formed in a healthy community.

You’ll see this “abundant life” approach most strongly in academics: 100+ degrees and programs that are designed to prepare for more than just your first job out of college. Instead, you’ll be ready for your entire career because you’ll learn skills that will help you flex and adapt as the workplace evolves.

And it sticks. After graduation, the lives of Taylor alumni are characterized by a spirit of service, compassion, and joy. Through a rapidly-changing job market, global uncertainty, and other challenges, Taylor graduates stand firm, knowing their Shepherd is guiding them every step of the way, into life to the full. 

Seeking Your Life to the Full

God has made you for a unique purpose: to love Him, love people, and make His name known. By engaging with Scripture, prayer, and seeking the wise counsel of trusted brothers and sisters in Christ, you’ll be well on your way to entering adulthood, ready to serve Him. Taylor University provides a place for you to explore your “life to the full.”

Let’s take that next step today. 

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