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Taylor Students stand with Professors in Xi'an, China During Spring Semester.

China Semester Program

China Courses

Classes will start around the beginning of March (depending on Chinese New Year) and finish at the end of May. Courses will be offered in a fourteen-week semester with an embedded two-week tour of major cities in China (see Travel section).

As a liberal arts study abroad program, the China Semester allows Taylor students to complete a variety of Foundational Core requirements. Students will participate in Chinese calligraphy, Chinese history and culture, China travel, and beginning (II*) and intermediate (I & II) Chinese language classes. All coursework is accredited by Taylor.

While part of the immersion experience, students will gain a competency in listening to, speaking, reading, and writing the Chinese Mandarin language—focusing on listening and speaking.

*Students should take Beginning Chinese I prior to their trip.


All China Semester students will spend most of their time in Xi’an. Xi’an—sometimes referred to as the “St. Louis of China,” i.e. the “gateway to the West”—was the capital of several early Chinese dynasties, the traditional end of the historic Silk Road, and the cultural gateway between the East and West of the People’s Republic of China. It is more culturally diverse than some other areas of China such as the Han east, Tibetan southwest, and Muslim northwest come together in Xi’an. Xi’an has more than 42 institutions of higher learning with approximately 1.3 million students.

Students studying in China will also travel to several other China destinations (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, etc.) during a two-week China study tour. They will visit Chinese companies, interact with Chinese students, and observe cultural and economic differentiators.


Dr. Jeff Sherlock
Director of China Semester Program

Jeff Miller
Director of Off-Campus Programs