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Thailand Studies Program

The Thailand Studies Program is a semester-long study abroad program that examines the intersection of orphans, vulnerable and exploited children, human trafficking, and human rights issues. Taylor University’s interdisciplinary Orphans and Vulnerable Children major is already focusing on these issues, and this semester offers the chance to take the next step to experientially study these issues in Chiang Mai, a city in Northern Thailand. Chiang Mai is an outstanding place to study these issues, with a long history of NGOs and other organizations working on these issues, as well as a history as a crossroads of Southeast Asia dealing with marginalization of children, human trafficking, and related problems.

Offered: Spring Semester
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Cost: Taylor tuition/room/board + off-campus program fee $750 + insurance fee + cost of flights.

Emphasis: Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Courses satisfied include: CC Foundational Core credit, OVC 110, PBH 330, POS 331 or SWK 326, OVC 393 (global practicum)
Thailand Studies Program Courses
Thai Language & Society Introduction to the Thai language and culture
Working with Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Introduction to the field of working with vulnerable children in a variety of settings
Policy and Justice for Vulnerable Children Examine larger policy issues involved with orphans, vulnerable children and child trafficking
Personal Foundations for Service Understanding self care and approaches to dealing with the emotional impact of difficult topics
Field Methods Seminar Understand your role in the organization, as well as field methods for facilitating needs assessments, capacity-building, and participatory development
Practicum A six-week placement with an organization working in an area of the student’s particular interest

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Students will stay in local homes for the first four weeks, and then move into apartments.

Field Studies:

  • Two village stays of 3-4 days, one in a lowland Thai community and one in an upland hill tribe community
  • Visit the Thai/Myanmar border to examine transboundary issues, organizations, and society first hand
  • Development organizations, including government and private orphanages, foster care, educational organizations, and social services
Semester Schedule
Week 1 Orientation/Intercultural Education
Weeks 2-8 Classes (8 weeks total)
Week 9 Semester Break
Weeks 10-15 Practicum (6 weeks total)
Week 16 Presentations and wrap up


Dr. Scott Moeschberger
Professor of Global Studies and Director of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children program

Lisa Ritchie
Program Assitant