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Two male students standing in front of the LaRita Boren Campus Center

Accepted Students

What's Next?

Incoming students for the 2022–2023 school year, we are excited that you are considering spending the next four years growing and learning with us. This will be a new season of life for you and we would like to help you get started.

Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend is about so much more than just moving into your residence hall. You’ll start making yourself at home here, make new friends, take care of academic testing and auditions if necessary, and have opportunities for you to know yourself and God in a deeper way.

Steps to Becoming a Taylor Student

  1. Pay Your Matriculation Fee
  2. Complete the Housing Form
  3. Download the Timeline for New Students
  4. Prepare and Pack for Taylor
  5. Move in During Welcome Weekend

Important Deadlines

  • May 1—Submit your matriculation fee
  • July 1—Log into myTAYLOR and complete the Digital To-Do Checklist
  • August 1—Send in your completed health forms
  • August 20—Your first tuition payment is due*
  • August 31—Finish making changes to your course schedule
  • January 20—Your next tuition payment is due*

* Payment plan options are available for up to 6 monthly payments per semester.

Helpful Resources and Downloads

You can learn more about these links by navigating through the steps above. If you have questions regarding your start at Taylor, contact your Admissions Counselor or use this PDF that tells you who to ask about what.

Parents and Guardians: Read more about how you can be involved in your student’s college journey and find resources to stay up-to-date on campus activities and academics.


Concerned or confused about any of the steps above? Check out our FAQs below or contact your Admissions Counselor for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residence Life Questions

What is the housing deposit?
Students pay a $50 deposit with their matriculation fee. At the end of their senior year, or upon leaving Taylor, students may apply to the Student Accounts Office to have the money refunded. Charges for damages to residence hall property and/or university administered facilities are deducted from the deposit.

When will students find out which residence hall they will be living in?
They should learn their residence hall and roommate before Summer Orientation. For those unable to attend orientation, the Housing Office will notify them in June or July.

Are there laundry facilities available? Is there a fee?
The laundry fee is included in the bill for housing. There are facilities available in each residence hall at no additional charge. Washing machines in our residence halls are high efficiency. Students supply their own HE detergent.

Do community bathrooms have soap dispensers/paper towels/hand dryers?
The community bathrooms have soap dispensers as well as high-energy efficient hand dryers.

Do students need to bring their own cleaning supplies? Is there a vacuum available to them?
Students do not have to bring cleaning supplies to clean their bathrooms. The cleaning staff regularly cleans them. Every residence hall has vacuums available for students to use.

Do we need to bring a waste paper basket?
While there will be large waste baskets in each hall, it is advisable to bring one for your student’s room.

Can students bring a refrigerator to campus?
Refrigerators are allowed in residence hall rooms but they can be no larger than 4 cubic feet.

Can students bring a window fan for their rooms?
Window fans are acceptable, but portable air conditioning units of any kind are not permitted.

Does Taylor accept large shipments for students, such as furniture for their room?
Taylor will facilitate delivery of a large shipment provided the following four conditions are met:

  • Advance approval is obtained from Facilities Services (Gregg Holloway, Director— before delivery is scheduled.
  • Taylor University has no responsibility for inspecting the shipment upon delivery or assisting the student in delivery or assembly.
  • Taylor University assumes no responsibility for damage or theft between delivery and removal.
  • The item is picked up within 2 business days.

Are students allowed to stay in their rooms during school breaks?
Students are not allowed to stay on campus during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring breaks. Normally, students who live too far away to go home will go to another student’s home or to the home of a Taylor faculty or staff member.

What is my student’s mailing address?
Taylor University
(Student Name)
(Name of Residence Hall)
236 West Reade Avenue
Upland, IN 46989-1001

Is there a student handbook?
Yes, you can view the student handbook here. You'll find detailed information about safety, residence life, activities, academic expectations, and much more.

Can students work on campus?
Although students eligible for work-study are hired first, all students can apply to jobs on campus. Use the employment button on myTAYLOR to learn about job openings, the hiring process, and the forms students need to fill out.

Technology Questions

Does Taylor have internet access in the residence halls and common areas on campus? Is it filtered?
There is Wi-Fi network access in all campus buildings and in the residence halls. Wired network access is available in residence hall rooms upon request. Internet access is also filtered throughout the campus.

If students have their own computer, is there somewhere they can print or do they also need their own printers? If students do not have their own computer, is there a computer lab where they can type and print their own papers?
Student computer labs are available in the Euler Science Complex, Nussbaum Science Center, Reade Liberal Arts Center, and the Zondervan Library. There are also discipline-unique labs in buildings across campus.

Students don't need their own printers—printers for student use are available in the Zondervan Library, Euler Science Complex, Nussbaum Science Building, Reade Liberal Arts Center, and Kesler Student Activities Center. By using CampusSecurePrint as a printing option, students can send a document to the print queue, and use their ID to print the document at any of the above locations.

Can our student bring a television with them for their room?
Yes, they can bring a television, but no toasters, microwaves, or appliances with open heating coils are allowed. Small refrigerators of 4.0 cubic feet or less are fine to bring.

Transportation Questions

Where do students store their bicycles in winter?
Most of the residence halls have storage space available for storing bicycles. If your student has difficulty finding space, they can always ask a faculty or staff member if they could store them at their house.

What is the campus car policy?
Students can visit Campus Police in the Boren Student Center to register a vehicle anytime between Monday through Friday, 8 am–5 pm (closed during chapel and noon–1 pm for lunch).

First term resident freshmen are not permitted to have automobiles or motorcycles until after Thanksgiving. First term commuters may drive.

Each motor vehicle operated by a student must be registered with Campus Police every year. Registration must be made within 72 hours of the first day of classes. The fee for a student’s motor vehicle is $25. If you have questions about the vehicle policy, please email Kelly Morton, the Campus Police secretary.

Academic Questions

How is academic advising handled?
In August, prior to arrival on campus for the fall semester, new students are assigned to academic faculty advisors in their chosen field of study. Students may view advisor assignments via TOWER using the myTAYLOR portal. Students are encouraged to attend departmental information meetings during Welcome Weekend where (1) they are introduced to departmental faculty and staff; (2) information is shared about academic programs within the department; and (3) curriculum requirements are described for each academic program. In the fall, students will assume the primary responsibility for meeting with their academic advisors to develop and schedule their semester-by-semester courses needed to graduate within their chosen majors. For any advising questions, contact the Academic Advising office at or 765-998-4746.

What is proficiency testing?
Students who need to take proficiency tests will receive a letter in the mail.

Can students test out of certain classes or bring credits with them from high school?
Some credits can be transferred to Taylor. For instance, students can use this list to learn which AP or CLEP credits they can use at Taylor.

How does a student view or change their course schedule?
Course schedules are sent to students’ personal email addresses in June. They can also be viewed after that time on the myTAYLOR portal by selecting the Degree Audit button. To change a course schedule, students should contact

Can students get assistance with their academics on campus? Like tutoring?
Located in the library, the Academic Enrichment Center (AEC) offers tutoring and hosts a writing center. Students who have previously had individualized educational programs (IEPs) or who experience a learning disability will benefit from connecting with the helpful staff at the AEC.

What about foreign language classes and placement?
Placement into foreign language classes is based on the following criteria:

Language taken in High School Language course placement

  • One full year high school Spanish—SPA 101
  • Two full years high school Spanish—SPA 102
  • Three full years high school French or Spanish—FRE 201 or SPA 201
  • Four full years high school French or Spanish—FRE 202 or SPA 202

Students can also try to test out of language classes. See the CLEP or AP exam handouts in the orientation folder.

Students may also test into higher language classes through the Spanish and French Placement Exams.

Students who are proficient in languages other than Spanish and French may not be required to take language courses at Taylor. Contact Cindi Carder for more information.

What is J-term? Do most students participate?
Interterm (called J-term) is between the fall and spring semesters during the month of January. Students who have registered and paid the full-time tuition fee for either fall or spring semester may take up to four credit hours during Interterm at no additional tuition charge. Registering for more than four credit hours during Interterm will incur an additional charge

Interterm is not mandatory but is highly recommended. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors have the opportunity to apply for a Lighthouse mission trip or other abroad experiences for Interterm as well.

How do students get textbooks or course materials lists?
The Campus Store is called The Bishop's Nook, and is located on the corner of Reade Ave and 2nd St. All textbooks are available there. You can reserve your books online. All students are automatically enrolled in Slingshot.

Free to use, Slingshot fulfills book and course material shopping lists for students, delivering all the materials to the student’s residence hall before the semester begins. Slingshot simply charges the cost of books and materials to each student account. Preferences regarding new, used, or digital textbooks can be made in the Slingshot portal. Students who wish to order books individually should opt of Slingshot. Another option for finding your books is to buy them from students on campus. Students sell their books by posting signs in the residence hall or around campus or join the “Groups at Taylor” Facebook page where you can join and search on the “Free and For Sale” or the “Textbook Exchange” groups.

What about behavioral standards?
All students (single and married) are responsible for implementing the relational and behavioral expectations listed in the Life Together Covenant when the University is in session (beginning of first semester through the end of second semester and/or summer sessions), when they are part of a university program, and/or when they are living in University approved housing. For additional information regarding behavioral and other university policies, see the Student Handbook.

Safety Questions

In case of emergencies, how can parents contact their students?
If you are unable to reach your student for an emergency, call Campus Police at 765-998-5555. This number is monitored 24 hours a day by an officer. They will then be able to notify your student’s hall director who will, in turn, contact the student.

What security precautions does the university take on campus?
The University employs a 24-hour Police Department. Residence halls are locked throughout the day, but students can access all residence halls with an ID between 11 am and midnight Monday to Thursday and 11 am–1 am on weekends. Students can access their residence hall with ID access 24 hours a day.

Who can we as parents call for help or information about our student?
The entire Student Development staff at Taylor is dedicated to meeting the needs of students, whether those needs are physical, spiritual, social, or academic. If you have questions, or if your student has a problem, you may call their residence hall director or the Dean of Students at 765-998-5344. In the event of a serious problem, the school will notify you.

Does Taylor provide access to any kind of “Students Homeowner Insurance” with which to insure our student’ valuables while he/she is a student at the university?
Taylor does not provide this type of insurance. What many parents do is check with their insurance agent to see if their individual homeowners insurance has coverage for students away at college.

Where do students go if there is a tornado warning?
Every building on campus has a designated area for people to go to when there is a tornado warning.

Health Service Questions

What about student health insurance?
Taylor University has discontinued offering insurance as a result of the federal PPACA legislation. Students should obtain their own insurance if not covered under their family’s plan or another source.

What arrangements are made for medical care?
Health care services are available to Taylor University students through the Student Health Center, located directly across the Main Street from Samuel Morris Hall. At the Taylor Student Health Center, students have access to scheduled visits with a nurse practitioner Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm.

Payment Questions

What options do incoming students have for making payments?
Payments may be made online at the TOUCHNET billing site by ACH, credit card, or wire. International students may also submit wire payments on Flywire. Checks should be payable to Taylor University and mailed to:
Taylor University Student Accounts Office
236 W Reade Ave
Upland, IN 46989

When are bills due?
Bills for the fall semester are typically posted in mid-July and due in August. Spring semester billing is usually posted in mid-December and due in January. Payment plan options are available for up to 6 monthly payments per semester.

How do students access bills?
Students can log onto myTAYLOR and select the TouchNet Online Billing and Payment tile. E-mail notifications are sent to students when a billing statement is ready to view. The notifications provide instructions and helpful information. If the student has authorized their parent access, the parent will be sent a notification as well. Students may authorize their parent or other bill payment by choosing that option on their Touch Net account

Questions? Contact your Admissions Counselor.

Commuter Student Questions

Does Welcome Weekend pertain to me?
Yes! You are welcome to attend any event during Welcome Weekend. Plan to join us for dinner on Friday at the Hodson Dining Commons (DC) and the Dedication service that follows. Please check the Welcome Weekend Schedule for updated information regarding a Friday welcome session designed specifically for you. You will receive welcome materials and a complimentary dinner ticket if you do not have a meal plan. Parents and guests are welcome too and may purchase meals at the cash register in the DC. We would also like to invite you to attend the other weekend activities: see the Welcome Weekend Schedule for details. You will participate in activities throughout the weekend with a small group. This is your small group for a fall class and is a great opportunity to get to know a few people right away. You may be required to take the tests offered in the schedule. Please refer to the packet sent to you by the Registrar to see if you are required to take these tests.

How do I find out what is happening on campus?
Go to the campus post office during regular business hours and open a campus mailbox. This will be a helpful way to receive information about campus happenings. Campus email is also a widely used tool to receive information. This should be checked daily. The Echo, our weekly newspaper, is distributed after chapel each Monday or you can find a copy outside the main entrance of the library.

How can I meet people on campus?
Other than your small group, a great way to make friends is to be “adopted” by a wing or floor on campus. The residents of your adopted floor will invite you to their activities. Contact the Director of Residence Life at 765-998-5344 if you are interested in this program There will also be a campus wide Community Plunge on Monday of Welcome Weekend, in which Taylor students, faculty, and staff will participate in a variety of service projects throughout the Upland community. It is a great way to meet a lot of people and serve our community!

Where can I find my class schedule?
You can find your schedule under TOWER Student Schedule on the myTAYLOR portal. If you have any questions about scheduling classes or transferring credits, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 765-998-5129. Their office is located in the Freimuth Administration Building.

Where do I get my ID card?
You can get your ID card at the Campus Police office. Your student ID is needed for meals in the Dining Commons, checking out books at the library, getting into sporting events, exercising at the Well, etc.

Where do I find out what books I need and where can I buy them?
The Campus Store is called The Bishop's Nook, and is located on the corner of Reade Ave and 2nd St. All textbooks are available there. You can reserve your books online. All students are automatically enrolled in Slingshot. Another option for finding your books is to buy them from students on campus. Students sell their books by posting signs in the residence hall or around campus or join the “Groups at Taylor” Facebook page where you can join and search on the “Free and For Sale” or the “Textbook Exchange” groups.

Where do I register and park my vehicle?
If you have a car on campus you will need to register it at the Campus Police office, located on the lower level of the LaRita Boren Campus Center. They will give you the necessary forms to complete the process. The cost is $25 and is billed directly to your Taylor account. The office of Campus Police publishes the Motor Vehicle Information brochure. You can pick this up when you register your car on campus. Please read it carefully to find out where you can legally park your car. Parking near some buildings is limited, so allow extra time before classes in case you have to walk from a different parking lot.

Is there a Student Handbook?
Yes, Taylor has a student handbook. In it, you will find information on student services, campus resources, campus directory information, local churches, university policies, and expectations for student conduct.

Questions? Contact your Admissions Counselor.

Homeschool Student Questions

Are there separate requirements for homeschool students?
No. There are no separate or additional requirements for homeschool applicants.

Are there homeschool students at Taylor?
Yes! Over 8% of this year’s incoming freshman class is made up of homeschool students.

What items should be included on a homeschool transcript?
The homeschool transcript should include the following information: personal and homeschool information (including anticipated/actual graduation date), the courses completed (including course title, final grade, and credits earned), an academic summary (total credits and cumulative grade point average), and an authorized signature and date. View sample transcript.

*If the homeschool curriculum has been with an organized program or published curriculum, this should be specified on the transcript. In the absence of such a program or curriculum, a course description and/or reading list for each class should accompany the transcript.

Are there special scholarships for Homeschool Students?
Though Taylor does not offer specific scholarships for homeschool students, there are outside scholarship opportunities available.

Do AP/dual credit courses count for credit at Taylor?
Homeschool students can receive credit for AP and CLEP exams with appropriate scores. Use our credit transfer tool to get an idea of how dual credits will transfer to Taylor, or email our Homeschool Coordinator, Kristin Hoover, to request a credit evaluation form.

Who should fill out the Academic Reference Form?
If needed, an academic reference form can be completed by the person or representative responsible for tracking academic records. View Academic Reference Form.

What’s the best way to prepare for college college?
Homeschool parents and students can check out our “College Preparation Checklist” for college prep recommendations.

Questions? Contact Kristin Hoover, Homeschool Coordinator.