Academic Summer Camps

Explore Your Passion at a Higher Level

Academic Summer Camps offer high school students the chance to pursue their specific passion through academic learning and hands-on experiences at a higher level. Academic camps are open for students who have completed their sophomore or junior year.

Information for Academic Summer Camps in 2021 is coming soon.

The Camp Experience

Students get to:

  • Live on campus with like-minded peers for one week
  • Learn from experienced leaders about their area of interest
  • Pursue their passion through hands-on learning
  • Grow in faith and get a college-level experience
What to Expect

Dates: June 2021 (specific dates TBA)

Cost: The cost of each camp is listed below. A $50 non-refundable deposit is due immediately upon registration to hold your spot. The remaining camp balance must be paid in full no later than May 15.

Who Can Attend: High school students who have completed their sophomore or junior year.

Dress Code: Modest casual attire-including jeans, shorts, and t-shirts-are acceptable for camp activities.

What to Bring: Download the basic camp packing list. Registered students will receive a full, camp-specific “What to Bring” list prior to their camp. All students must complete and bring their signed medical release form to registration.

Schedule: View the 2019 Academic Summer Camp Schedule.

Airport Shuttle Request: If you will need airport transportation, please contact the Taylor Admissions Office ( Students flying in for the Academic Summer Camps should arrive through the Fort Wayne or Indianapolis airport.

Summer Programs Scholarship: This $1,000 one-time scholarship is awarded to students who enroll full-time at Taylor University who have attended an eligible summer camp, academy, or conference on Taylor’s campus during high school and prior to senior year, and completed the required scholarship process while on-campus during the camp or conference. Contact us for more information.

Academic Camp Options

  • Ethics & Apologetics Academy

    Are human beings special? What are our moral duties based upon? Does religion belong in the public square? Is faith in God even rational?

    Spend a week analyzing the works of thinkers like St. Augustine, C. S. Lewis, and Tim Keller in Taylor University’s Ethics & Apologetics Academy. In this academic summer camp, you will integrate faith and reason through deep discussions with fellow young scholars and experienced thinkers while building your critical thinking skills. Engage your mind with the most profound questions of our time, and discover how the biblical Christian worldview is not only reasonable but also profoundly practical for addressing these questions.

    Cost: $400

  • Musical Theatre Academy

    Experience what it means to thrive on the stage with Taylor University’s Musical Theatre Academy. This musical theatre camp focuses on the triple-threat of Broadway musical theatre: acting, voice, and dance. Work one-on-one with Taylor Theatre’s Managing & Artistic Director as she coaches you through staging and believable acting. Hone your singing performance in vocal workshops and individual lessons, and learn choreography in dance intensives. Finish the week with a showcase in Mitchell Theater.

    In addition to sharpening your general stage presence and performance, our experienced Music, Theatre, & Dance faculty will teach you how best to prepare your body and mind for your upcoming theatre arts or musical theatre audition.

    Tech track: Students interested in behind-the-scenes theatre work are welcomed to join Musical Theatre Academy to design sets, costume actors, and manage the stage. No performance can be produced without a strong tech team!

    Cost: $550

    Leader: Tracy Manning

  • Taylor Film Academy

    Plunge into the world of film production with Taylor University’s hands-on Film Academy. Fueled by your creativity, this high-energy and fast-paced film production week will take you from concept, to scripting, through shooting and post-production editing. Get exposure to Taylor’s extensive inventory including the Sony FS-5 and the RED Weapon 8K. Take workshops with Taylor’s award-winning faculty members. Build relationships with fellow creative collaborators and finally, cap off your week by watching your work on the big screen.

    *Campers who participated in the 2019 Film Academy are welcome to return. Their curriculum will be modified to include advanced workshops.

  • Forensic Science Academy

    Learn to use your love of science to solve mysteries at Taylor University’s Forensic Science Academy. This hands-on learning environment will give you exposure to many topics including crime scene photography, composite facial sketching, casting impressions, visualizing fingerprints, handwriting and ink analysis, hair and fiber analysis, serology, broken glass analysis, and fire and arson investigations. You will also have the opportunity to use very sophisticated instrumentation used to identify drugs.

    This camp will emphasize the roles that biology, chemistry, and physics play in criminal investigations. Students will learn standard procedures required for carrying out an investigation as well as techniques for sample collection and analysis. The week will culminate in a hands-on crime scene investigation project where you will demonstrate your understanding of each aspect of the crime scene investigation process. During this investigation you will have the opportunity to employ many of the skills that you have learned throughout the week. The camp will end with you giving a mock press conference, reporting on the progress/success of your investigation.

    Cost: $500

    Leader: Dr. Dan King

  • Multimedia Journalism Academy

    Spend a week experiencing what it’s like to work as a sports writer, magazine writer, newspaper or TV reporter, photojournalist, or professional blogger at Taylor University’s Multimedia Journalism Academy.

    Work with experienced instructors to learn how to write engaging, accurate stories and take photographs like the professionals do. Investigate the art of storytelling through print, photo, and more. Projects completed during the week will appear in a print newspaper to take home to show family and friends.

    Only a limited number of students will be accepted.

    Cost: $400

  • Worship Arts Academy

    Join other committed student worship leaders in deepening your skills at Taylor University's Worship Arts Camp 2021. Learn through classes and mentoring with experienced musicians and worship leaders. Train your heart and mind in Biblical theology. Develop your abilities to work with a band. Gain practical experience through leading worship on campus.

    Worship Arts Camp is a 5-day, intensive training program for high-school-age musicians who desire to develop themselves musically and spiritually as worship leaders, and who have experience leading worship in youth groups, churches, or other settings. Join this week-long camp learning, rehearsing, and growing as a worship leader.

    For more information, contact Dr. Reed Spencer.

    Cost: $500

  • Orphans & Vulnerable Children Academy

    Explore what it means to live out our biblical mandate to work with the fatherless at Taylor University’s Orphans & Vulnerable Children Academy. Examine best practices for working with orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide and locally, while exploring your sense of calling or vocation for this work.

    Dive into topics like orphan care, anti-trafficking, foster care, adoption, and refugees with current theories and literature. Put your learning into practice with hands-on, local service opportunities. Participate in relevant film discussions, group worship sessions and meals, and reflective prayer sessions.

    This camp is well-suited for students with a passion for orphaned and vulnerable children—whether you intend to pursue a career in this area or simply desire to learn how you can serve. Previous experience in a global or local context is ideal, but those who are curious and have yet to serve are welcome to explore the topic through this camp.

    Cost: $400

  • Game Programming Academy

    Go beyond simply playing video games, and learn to write your own video games at Game Programming Academy. You will learn the basics of coding—variables, conditions, loops, functions, etc—and work in small groups to create video games from scratch on a Raspberry Pi. At the end of the week, you'll have a playable game to show friends and family plus a licensed copy of PICO-8 fantasy console and the Raspberry Pi you configured and coded yourself.

    PICO-8 uses the Lua programming language, which is a great language for beginners and veterans alike. Some interest in computer science and prior experience in math is necessary, such as algebra, trigonometry, geometry, or pre-calculus.

    Whether you've been coding in Assembly for years or the only Python you've ever seen was in a zoo, Game Programming Academy will build your game development skills in a fun, engaging environment.

    Cost: $450

    Leader: Dr. Jon Denning

  • Pre-Medical Sciences Academy

    Are you considering a career in medicine? At Pre-Medical Sciences Academy, you’ll get a high-tech immersive experience in a wide range of pre-medical sciences, including physiology, biology, and chemistry.

    Guided by a team of professors from multiple majors, you’ll learn how to assess health through a variety of tests, including:

    • pulmonary function tests
    • VO2-max testing
    • cognition and balance tests
    • lab work
    • measuring blood flow and muscle tone with ultrasound
    • measuring blood pressure
    • EMG (electromyography)
    • EKG (electrocardiogram)

    As a group, you’ll conduct research by formulating questions, conducting tests, and studying the results. At the end of the week, you’ll get to demonstrate the skills you’ve learned in a simulated clinic scenario.

Questions or Concerns?

We can't wait to see you at Taylor's Academic Summer Camps! Contact us for more information about these programs for high school students.