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Academic Summer Camps

June 2023 (exact dates TBA)

Explore Your Passion at a Higher Level

Academic Summer Camps offer high school students the chance to pursue their specific passion through academic learning and hands-on experiences at a higher level. Academic summer programs are open for students who have completed their sophomore or junior year.

The Camp Experience

Students get to:

  • Live on campus with like-minded peers for one week
  • Learn from experienced leaders about their area of interest
  • Pursue their passion through hands-on learning
  • Grow in faith and get a college-level experience

Scripture Engagement at Camp

Each evening students will be exposed to a different approach to engaging Scripture that will help them to know God, not merely about God. Dr. Phil Collins, the director of the Taylor Center for Scripture Engagement, will introduce students to practices that will enable them to interact with the Bible in meaningful ways. Students will be given opportunities to practice the engagement methods and debrief the experience with fellow camp participants. Our hope is that this component of camp will encourage students to connect with God through His Word which will foster a growing relationship with Him.

What to Expect

Dates: June 2023 (exact dates TBA)

Cost: The cost of each camp is listed in the camp description. To reserve your spot, a $50 non-refundable deposit is due immediately upon registration. The remaining camp balance must be paid in full no later than May 15

Who Can Attend: High school students who have completed their sophomore or junior year.

Dress Code: Modest casual attire-including jeans, shorts, and t-shirts-are acceptable for camp activities.

Housing: Students will live with other camp participants in one of Taylor’s newest residence halls

What to Bring: Here's a basic camp packing list. Registered students will receive a full, camp-specific “What to Bring” list prior to their camp. All students must complete and bring their signed medical release form to registration.

Schedule: to be announced.

Airport Shuttle Request: If you will need transportation from the Fort Wayne or Indianapolis airport, please contact the Taylor Admissions Office ( 

Summer Programs Scholarship: This $1,000 one-time scholarship is awarded to students who enroll full-time at Taylor University who have attended an eligible academic summer program on Taylor’s campus during high school and prior to senior year, and completed the required scholarship process while on-campus during the camp or conference. Contact Admissions for more information.

Upcoming Academic Camps

Calling and Career Camp: Discerning Next Steps

Unsure about what major to choose or career path to pursue? Calling and Career Camp: Discerning Next Steps is designed to help you explore the two questions of vocation: Who am I? What am I to do? This camp will introduce students to a foundational understanding of vocation and will equip them to utilize design thinking in answering the big questions of calling and career.

The goal of this camp is not necessarily to figure out the next five years, but to provide the tools to discern the next right step.

Computer Game Development Camp

Come build a prototype of your dream game! This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to design, build, and program your own computer video games. This camp is great for anyone wishing to dabble in game design and development. You will learn the basics of level design, character design, and video game theory. You will then apply those basics in creation of a 2-dimensional video game through the Godot engine tool. Basic programming ideas, Godot tool usage, and video game design will be covered.

Engineering Camp: Christmas in June

Come design, build, and program your own advanced light show and celebratory installation with reasonably-priced components and materials. Transform any nighttime space into a wonderland of light and beauty. This camp is right for anyone who wants to apply creativity to programming, electronics, and prototyping. Students will learn and apply basic embedded software development (Arduino), 2D and 3D CAD with Autodesk products, and will practice 2D and 3D fabrication techniques including laser cutting and 3D printing. No previous experience needed!

Our technical work will be fun, but it will also be an intentional offering of praise to the Way, the Truth, and the Light who came to earth for us.

Finding Your Visual Voice: A Mini-Portfolio Art Camp

You know you’re an artist, but what’s your favorite area of art? Or maybe you’re not sure you are an artist, but you’re still curious. At this academic camp, come explore these big questions by creating a brand new portfolio exploring lots of different art forms. Projects will range from studio media such as printmaking to CGI works created using 3D software Blender. This is all about discovering new passions and skills, so absolutely no prior experience is required. By the end of the week, you’ll have mini-portfolio of all-new work for family members and other campers to see.

Health Science and Preventive Medicine Camp

Learn the basics of biomedical research and preventive medicine with this immersive, hands-on camp. Students interested in pre-med and health sciences gain experience participating as “patients” and “practitioners/researchers” in all assessments. Friday afternoon will feature a showcase of their learned skills.

Students will learn:

  • To use panoramic ultrasound to assess muscle wasting from cancer or sarcopenia.
  • To conduct a graded exercise test, and monitor EKG for cardiac patients.
  • To determine risk for heart attack by assessing vascular compliance.
  • To assess chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with pulmonary function testing.
  • To test neuromuscular function through targeted volitional sway assessments.
  • To evaluate information processing speed through neurocognitive assessments.
  • To examine biomarkers of inflammation, stress and brain health.

Enjoy an evening talking with health care professionals (former dean of a medical school, MD, PA, DPT, OT, current medical students, and other health care professionals) learning about careers in health care and the best way to build a strong application portfolio. The camp will be led by professors of Exercise Science, Chemistry, and Biochemistry, as well as a licensed physical therapist.

Music, Theatre, and Dance Academic Camp

Experience what it means to thrive on the stage with Taylor University’s Music, Theatre, & Dance Academic Camp. This camp focuses on the triple-threat of musical theatre: acting, voice, and dance. Work one-on-one with Taylor Theatre’s Managing & Artistic Director as she coaches you through staging and believable acting. Hone your singing performance in vocal workshops and individual lessons with our esteemed vocal faculty, and learn choreography and storytelling through dance intensives with a professional choreographer. Finish the week with a showcase in Mitchell Theater.

In addition to sharpening your general stage presence and performance, our experienced Music, Theatre, & Dance faculty will teach you how best to prepare your body and mind for your upcoming theatre arts or musical theatre audition.

Tech track: No performance is produced with a strong tech team! Students interested in behind-the-scenes theatre work are welcomed to join Music, Theatre, & Dance Academic Camp to design sets, costume actors, and manage the stage. 

Professional Writing Academy

Are you a writer? Are you constantly reading and writing and often creating characters, scenes, and worlds? Do you love words and want to find a way to work with them for the rest of your life? Join us at Taylor's Professional Writing Academy and learn what it takes to get your words into the world. This fast-paced week will help you hone your craft, learn how to write to specifications, submit your writing, and understand the publishing world. We’ll make it less mysterious and help you understand that your love for words can be used in a variety of ways to create, to work, and to build God’s kingdom.

Taylor Film Academy

Plunge into film production while focusing on great storytelling through film scripting, digging deep into post-production editing, and on-set immersion. Fueled by your creativity, this high-energy and fast-paced film production week will take you from concept, to scripting, through shooting and post-production editing. Get exposure to Taylor’s extensive inventory including the Sony FS-5 and the RED Weapon 8K. Take workshops with Taylor’s award-winning faculty members. Build relationships with fellow creative collaborators and finally, cap off your week by watching your work on the big screen.

Questions or Concerns?

We can't wait to see you at Taylor's Academic Summer Camps! Contact Admissions for more information about these programs for high school students.